Friday, March 22, 2013

Free Fun Friday- iPad Edition

Last Christmas I upgraded my beloved iPod touch to an even more loved iPad mini. I am really in love with her, most days I can be found like this:

Swiping and reading and generally consuming all the media my brain can handle. Funny enough, I've actually found tons of practical use from my little friend. I've used it for countless functions, taking pictures for work (the camera is much better than on my touch), organizing my schedule, making lists, reading PDF's, taking notes at meetings, and even writing this blog post!

I thought for this edition of Free Fun Friday I would share a few of my favorite apps that work really well on my Mini.

Pinterest. The way it looks on the Mini is AMAZING, and it really does help me organize websites, ideas, recipes, etc. not essential to my life, but very nice to have.

Instagram. Rocks. Seeing the pictures on a larger screen is way nice.

Blogger. I'm using it right now! (I just wish I could see my Dashboard in the app)

Penultimate. I am still trying to get the hang of this one, but it basically works like a piece of notepaper. With my stylus I can rite or doodle, then save or email it.

Evernote. I use this for all sorts of organization- vacations, blog ideas, work deadlines, group projects, and it syncs with my PC!!

Kindle and iBook (which comes with the iPad and Zinio. I love love LOVE reading on my Mini. These three apps give me access to all sorts of books and MAGAZINES! I love Magazines.

Abode Reader. I use this to open PDF's from work and websites. Not sure what else it can do, but I should research!

So, there's my list, what are your favorite iPad apps?



Monday, March 18, 2013

Currently (and a request)

Hey y'all!

First off, I want to thank you for coming by my little piece of the internet today. Do you have a blog? If so, I would love to come by! I feel like so many people stop by here, I should get to know a few of you better. So, link a girl up!

Today's post is a  few random tidbits of my life right now, that I want to remember (with Instagram back-up, of course). Inspired by Ali's and Elise's blogs.

Currently I am:
Thinking/Dreaming of my new bathroom. And trying to find the best price on tile.

Watching a LOT of college basketball. One of my favorite things in the world.
Reading (or just finished reading) Run, Alex Cross and 7 Habits
Listening to Ellie Goulding's CD (still) and waiting for Justin Timberlake's to drop
Watching The Following and Survivor, and not much else (trying to cut back on TV time)

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day and really excited to get to Easter!
Trying to plan ahead, think about the future and take action on a few new opportunities that are coming.
Planning Spring Cleaning and things I want to accomplish around the condo

Working on myself-physically and mentally
Missing my Mom more this time of year. She's kind of everywhere right now.
Eating a lot of social meals (with friends, collegues), Girl Scout cookies......and trying not to eat too many Peeps

Thanks for stopping by. If you have a blog, I would love to read it, link me up!


Monday, March 11, 2013

An Elephant of a Birthday Card

Hey y'all! 

Just a quick post to share a card I made with one of my favorite new stamps from one of my favorite new companies.

Mama Elephant is hosting a challenge on their blog. Make a card with this sketch:

Here's my card, I linked up all the products below, BUY THIS STAMP!! It's that awesome!

I made flags from two of the 50 gagillion rolls of washi tape I am amassing. Here's a close up:

supplies: stamps, this awesome from Mama Elephant, Black StazOn,
 Freckled Fawn washi tape this one and that one.

Thanks for stopping by!

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I Blinked.

**{SAP ALERT} This post is full of lovey-dovey sappiness.....beware or you may need to go hug someone after reading. You've been warned ; ) **

I was doing some light cleaning/organizing last weekend when I came across pictures of my oldest nephew and niece. And a flood of happy memories came rushing back. I may have gotten teary eyed....maybe.

It's just that, for me, being an aunt is this really special, important, emotional thing. I love them almost as much as their parents do. I don't have kids of my own yet, but you know that saying that 'having a child is like a piece of your heart is walking around outside of you'? I totally get that. I feel this compulsion to hug them, kiss them, protect them, teach them, tell them how special they are 45678232 times. My niece had the flu and was in the hospital for, like a day when she was four-I was a mess.  

Ready to go hug your cat yet? ; )

Anyhoo....I was struck by how vividly I remember their days as babies and how much they have grown up. How is it possible that every year they get bigger and smarter (and taller?) How is it that Tommy is going to start driving soon? I feel like I blinked, and suddenly they are 12 and 14.

So, I decided to document them. I didn't bother scanning and reprinting the pictures. I thought about it, so they would all be perfectly sized and the colors would match, but then realized I was WAY overthinking things. I pulled out a few pieces of paper and went to town:

I cut a few of the floral chevrons out and stitched in a couple of scraps from my stash. A close up:


A close up of the layering in the middle (and possibly my two favorite pictures of my niece):

supplies: Dear Lizzy papers, Amy Tangerine wood veneer card, Studio Calico little people, Thickers,
Technique Tuesday stamp

So, there you are-possibly the most sappy, lovey dovey thing you will read all day-lol! 

A side note, I am now an affiliate member over at Two Peas In A Bucket, so if you see a product you want to try, I've linked them here to my affiliate account. Any proceeds will go back into other projects I can share, so thanks a bunch in advance! 

Thanks for stopping by (and clicking the links!)

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Free Fun Friday-Podcast Junkie

Hey y'all!

I have a confession.....I'm a podcast junkie. Most days instead of listening to the radio, I am listening to podcasts of various subjects. Most of the programs I subscribe to right now are related to TV shows that I like. What's so fun is when I finish an episode and my mind is filled with images and speculations about what's to come, I can continue the 'conversation' by listening to super fans who break down the episodes. Might be slightly nerdy ;)........haha

I also enjoy podcasts that teach me. How to eat better, information on current events, finances. Stuff like that. I thought I would share a few of my favorites, I hope you enjoy them!

Are you a podcast listener? Please leave me a comment and let me know your favorite!

The Awesome Podcast : This is a new one for me. It's short, usually, and has a variety of information about reaching your goals and  achieving the life you want. Warning: If you don't like to listen to perky/slightly enthusiastic people...this podcast is not for you. This is pumped up-high on life, you might say, but that's what I was looking for! 

Dissecting Dexter: I love Dexter and I love this podcast. The host Gareth is very entertaining and I love to hear what he and other people are saying about the show. (p.s. I can't wait for July when the show comes back!)

Afterbuzz TV: The Following : The Following on FOX is my newest favorite show. Kevin Bacon + James Purefoy=awesome. Afterbuzz is actually a whole online channel full of TV podcasts and, in general, I really enjoy the ones I listen to! I think it is so much fun talking about a great show plotline the day after I watched it on TV, but, well......I can't always find someone who wants to discuss Downton Abbey for an hour ;) . Afterbuzz has filled the void-taking away any reason to make new friends, lol. The hosts of the Following show are particularly entertaining. I also tune in for American Horror Story and Downton Abbey

Rob Has A Podcast: I listen to his Survivor shows and Big Brother shows religiously. This host is so funny and he has some great guests! Finally someone who is as obsessed with Big Brother as me-a kindred spirit. Definitely a must if you are one of my Survivor obsessed friends! 

This American Life : I think I've written about this one before, but I am a huge fan! Their tag line is 'each week we bring you stories on this american life of ours'. The stories run a wide variety, anything from politics, to pop culture, to phenomenons like 'sibling rivalry'. Last week was a simple collection of stories about coincidences and it was really funny. It runs about an hour, which makes it the perfect way to get through a workout.

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to leave a comment with your favorite podcast!