Friday, January 15, 2016

December Memories- Part Two (using Shimelle, Color Cast Design and The Cut Shoppe)

Welcome back! Today I wanted to share part two of my December mini album (see part one HERE). I have recently discovered two small paper companies I am excited to share with you. Like I said in my last post I let myself go creatively on this project. I added as much 'extra' stuff (sequins, embellishments, etc) as I wanted, when normally my style is a little more simplified.  I also added a bunch of die cuts I made with silver foil cardstock-because, why not

A note before I share the last few pages: this album is really 95% done. I am still waiting for a few pictures from family members, so you'll see a few blank spaces. Let's roll.

The backside of the last page I shared on Monday. Two FB pics from family, and I love the size of these pockets, made it perfect for these square photos! In the side pocket I added a few random sequins and a wood piece from Color Cast Designs. I used one of my Christmas Gifts (a Photo Fuse!) to seal the top. (p.s. I love that thing, but I am trying to get the hang of it. I am going to share more projects with it soon-stay tuned!) I'm skipping over the next page you see a peek of there-because of blank spaces. Moving on...

What? A page with no pictures? Well, it wasn't on purpose (I'd love to say I was suave enough to plan the book pages in order ahead of time...feel free to be impressed ; ) ). I had a few things to share that I included here: a list of holiday movies I watched (I watch alot of moovies when I am making cards and such), receipts from holiday gatherings, then the right hand side is this quote I found on the Ali Edwards blog. It really spoke to me, it talks about how Christmas changes as you grow into an adult. It can be hard to accept those changes, but that's the real spirit of Christmas. Growth, birth, change. My holidays are definitely different than they were we I was growing up. A few years ago it was hard for me to accept that. However, I have worked on creating my new normal and I really appreciate all the things I do now! I am in a much happier place on the subject. 

A spread with Christmas Eve at my uncles' home. On the left is a die cut I made on my Silohuette using this free file from The Cut Shoppe

A mix of Christmas Day and Christmas prep. Top right pocket is a little Santa and some sequins , all zipped up with my Photo Fuse!  In case you're wondering the bottom left picture is me working on ornaments, like I do every year. Painted Christmas trees on wood slices!

Backside of that page. I had an empty picture slot, so I cut another free file from The Cut Shoppe and added some patterned paper. Because why not. On the right is an empty page protector waiting for family pics (although you can see a couple of those acrylic pieces waiting to be added). Behind that is a few funny pictures of me and my siblings goofing off- the internet doesn't need to see those ; )

My tribe. Pictures from my family Christmas (actually 2 1/2 days, because we like to party). Mostly just hanging out pictures. Because I love those, and them. Bottom right is some journaling about the weekend on vellum, slipped over a piece of patterned paper.

More family photos! New Years day I see my mother's side of the family.

 Last page of the album is actually out of order a bit time wise. New Years Eve included a few drinks with a few friends. The first time I have gone out on NYE in years-but so fun! 

That's it folks. I had a lot of fun putting together this project and I am really grateful you can back to see it. December is always chock full of activities, so it's nice to look back and see everything. Plus, the colors and papers and patterns just make me happy. Worth the price I think ; )

I linked most of the products I used below, in case you would like to make your own holiday project. (and I highly recommend the Simple Stories binders if you are new to memory keeping!). Make sure to check out Color Cast and The Cut Shoppe- both fun new companies you'll see me use more in the future.

Did you make a December album? I want to see it!! Link me up. Also, leave a comment if you have questions on anything I did here.

Have a great weekend, see you soon! Michelle

Find Part One of my December album HERE.

Products Used:

Merry & Bright-Color Cast Designs

P hoto Fuse Tool

Shimelle Christmas Magic Paper Pad

Shimelle Christmas Magic Die Cut Pack

Simple Stories 6x8 Binder
Simple Stories Page Protectors

Silhouette Digital Machine

Monday, January 11, 2016

December Memories Album-Part One (Shimelle Christmas Magic Line))

Happy Monday! Louisville finally got a little wintery weather yesterday- ice and snow. So, I don't feel too late in finishing up a mini album I made to document this Christmas season. This is the third (?) year I have taken the time to make a project like this. (New to memory keeping? I was inspired by the December Daily project. Read more about that HERE). You can also find Part Two of my album HERE.

 I pack ALOT into December (not only do I see family and friends, but it's my birthday, so that adds a little extra fun into the mix). I will add links to the products I used for my album, but most of it is from the Shimelle's Christmas Magic line. I also bought this collection from Color Cast Designs-one of my favorite new companies! Her acrylic pieces are really fun and add a cool texture. You can see I used the 'December memories' piece above on my title page.

I used pocket pages mixed with enlarged photos. I love the way the mix of sizes looks overall. Nothing too earth shattering actually happened last month. I mean, I hung out with loved ones, saw some movies, all ALL the chocolate, but I still love having these memories recorded. I love looking back at these pictures later. And, I met there's that.

A few cute kids sprinkled in the album helps to up the cuteness factor....amiright?

So, you may heard about this little indie movie that came out this year. I am NOT the world biggest fan, but I did have a friend who got tickets for opening night I had a lot of fun making this layout. Star Wars snowflakes FOR THE WIN.

Thanks for stopping by for a look at part one of my December memories album. Did you do a similar memory keeping project this year? I'd love to see it? Link me up below (or tweet me @htwheelsgluguns !) Check our Part Two of the album HERE.


Products Used:

Merry & Bright-Color Cast Designs

Shimelle Christmas Magic Paper Pad

Shimelle Christmas Magic Die Cut Pack

Simple Stories 6x8 Binder
Simple Stories Page Protectors

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Turning Instagram Pictures Into A Collage- Baby Album Idea

Hello there! I want to start off the new year on the blog with an idea I hope you can use- taking your Instagram pictures and printing them out to add to a photo album or scrapbook. This is #3 is the Modern Memory Keeping series (see #1 and #2 HERE)

 Last year I finished up a baby book for my sweet niece Madison. For the cover page I made a collage of these great Instagram pics my sister in law posted each month. It took a little time, but I think it's such a fun way to see how much she has grown in her first year. This idea could translate in a million ways- a collage of wedding reception pictures? Maybe pictures of the tress changing in fall? Heck, if you want to document a years worth of ice cream photos-no judgement here ; )

Here's a step by step of the process I used.
1. Each month when I saw the picture come up on her IG feed I screenshot it on my iPhone.
2. Each month I download pics off my phone, and I just saved them into their own folder (called 'Maddie's 1st year < clever, right?) NOTE: I use the program Picasa to organize and edit my pictures. I also used it to create the collage. I LOVE Picasa.
3. When it was time to make the page I cropped each pic to a square. Then I added all 12 to an 8x10 collage (this size worked best for 12 pics, but you can make it any size you want). I printed the collage with my friends at Persnickity Prints.
4. The collage is 8x10 but the finished page is 12x12, so I added a few stickers, a simple title and done!

Whether you are a 'scrapbooker' or just someone who likes to print out pictures to share with people, I think can be an easy but meaningful project. Personally, I was thrilled with how it turned out! Having the cutest model didn't hurt either #sweetkissablecheeks

Have any questions about what I did here? Leave a comment! Have you done a years worth of pics like this or something similar? I'd love to see it-link me up!

Be back soon!