Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Guy Turned 30 Today.

-This was the kid who spent loved basketball, Nintendo and Beavis & Butthead
-This was the kid who: swallowed a whole bottle of baby aspirin, broke his collar bone, and fell out of a second story window. All before the age of 10.
-This was the kid was always so tall that he towered over his older sister for as long as she can remember. The only way I had any success in fighting him involved throwing things at him. Even thought we were 5 years apart, we always played together growing up.

-This was the kid who had to grow up way too early when he was 16 and our mother died. The year after was extremely difficult, but he and I were in it together. I seriously couldn't have done it without him. I hope I helped him half as much as he helped me.

-This is the guy who got a 'great deal' for Bengals tickets on December 24th....without realizing that it was Christmas Eve. 
-This is the guy who still makes everyone laugh. He is 'Fun Uncle Dave'. He still thinks Beavis & Butthead is funny
- This is the guy who has become an amazing father and husband. Having twin boys who are two can be.....a handful. But, he (and Beth) enjoy it, deal with it, laugh about it, and only complain an appropriate amount. He's a pretty hands on dad, and I can already tell that they adore him.
-This is the guy who is a total gentleman, all around nice guy. Very rarely do you hear him be negative or bad mouth someone. He makes everyone feel welcome. 

This is my baby brother, Dave. He turned 30 today! I just thought I would share a few things that make him one of my favorite people!

Happy Birthday Beav!! 
We love you!
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

Travel Pictures are some of my favorites to scrapbook. For many reasons, really. First, they are usually bright, shiny with vivid colors. They hold so many great memories and there are a million stories behind them. Also, I don't think of them as serious or precious (like maybe baby or wedding pictures would be) so I feel free to get really loose and do whatever I like to them. 

Last October I took a long weekend in Las Vegas. I thought I would share the pages I made to remember how much fun we had there! Most of the supplies are from this kit from Studio Calico, with a little October Afternoon mixed in. I'll link to things of interest at the bottom of the post.

Check it out:

(side comment: I want my home to look like the Cosmopolitan Casino. It was like a big, grown up Barbie Dream House. If I thought I could get away with it, I would make a mural just like those windows on my walls-ha!)

(note: I used Stickles to add bling directly to the pictures. So perfect for a layout about sparkly casinos, right?)

(note: for this layout I had the cheesiest picture of the four of us. I stuck it in a vellum envelope and journalled right on top. I love the way that turned out, I will definitely do this again!)

(note: This layout took entirely too long. I was inspired by a layout I found online, but sheesh, doing all that stitching took FOREVER.)

supplies: Studio Calico-Photo Booth add-on kit, black letter stickers-American Crafts, badges & fabric tags- Ormolu, wood stars-Studio Calico, Las Vegas postcards bought in gift shop

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! M.
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