Friday, May 28, 2010

Kicking off the Weekend

Ah I love thee. I have plans to relax so hard this weekend (to quote my buddy Tiffany). Going to hang out with my BFF, my brother, and my Sis in Law. Love Lakehouse season.

Just thought I would pop in and share a couple of layouts I finished about the KY Derby this year. I put a link to most of the products in the sidebar. I challenged myself to use just the Dear Lizzy line, cardstock, and a piece of this awesome wood veneer. Two Peas is an awesome place to buy lots of scrappy supplies, so I highly recommend them. (if you decide to buy anything., please use my linky. I get a tiny shopping credit for referring my blog readers : D thanks!)

{Pegasus Parade}
pegasus parade
pegasus parade2

{Derby Brunch}
(why is that Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir? Why yes it is...)

I had a lot of fun ripping up and ruffling that adhesive backed fabric. On the brunch layout I used my favorite stamp from Studio Calico on the tag over the journalling. It is a lovely-yet unphotogenic pick. I also cut out a bunch of pieces to make some flowers. I love how they turned out. I had no plan in mind when I started these, I just went for it. Very therapeutic!

Thanks for stopping in. Have a fantabulous weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tripping Down Memory Lane

workingonfamilypics 5-9-2010 12-54-30 AM
( current view of my dining room table)

The past few months I have taken on the arduous task of organizing photos of my family when I was growing up. Most of the pictures were organized by year in multiple sticky paged albums. Most, if not all had the date and subject written on the back. The rest were in boxes with carefully labeled envelopes. My goal was to get them into binders, organized by year, so that my siblings could see them and enjoy them. Sounds like an overwhelming project, but I really took it one book at a time, and it has been really fun.

I have always enjoyed looking at old pictures, even better when it is my family. Not only are they adorable, funny, and special-almost every single picture was taken and labeled by my mother. She had the kind of perfect penmanship that people kill for and she made sure that each picture had the dates and who was in it. I bet if she were still around she would have been an avid scrapbooker. I can tell that she loved her family and so wanted us to have a record of our lives growing up. It’s a little sad when I come across a certain picture and wonder about the story behind it. I so wish that she were here to tell me about them.

But, enough of the sentimental, I wanted to show you how I am approaching this project and a few funny favorites. I hope this might help you if you are considering doing something similar. Feel free to post any questions you might have, and I can respond to you!

step #1: I removed all the photos from each magnetic photo album and divded them by year and filed them. I used a couple of those file folders people use to hold coupons. Found them in the dollar section of Target (fancy, I know). Now, not all the pictures made it out of the albums alive. For anyone who doesn't know, those old time magnetic albums have tons of acid and chemicals that are death to pictures. If you do nothing else but take your old photos out of those books and put them in a box-do it! You will be so glad you did. I wish I had taken a picture of what some of the pictures looked like, they were so faded and brittle and some of them were STUCK to the page and were thrown out with the empty books.

step #2: I bought a couple of 12 x 12 binders from American Crafts that hold LOTS of pages. I kept a few of the larger clear plastic inserts in them to hold large pictures or other stuff, but mostly I filled the binders with refills that hold 4x6 photos and 3 1/2 x 5 photos. The latter were for the older pictures which were those awesome square pictures from WAY back (like, when I was a baby-100 years ago). I tried putting them in the 4x6 sleeves, which are cheaper and easier to get, but they would just fall out. While humorous at first, got real frustrating real fast. The extra expense and effort is worth it to know they will stay secured and protected.

step#3: I starting filing them into the binders in order, seperating each year with a post-it note, which were fast and if I need to move them around I can. I am still in the process of adding pictures, but when I am done, I will go to.....

step #4: I am going to add a placecard for each year so it is easier to navigate. The are just going to be cards sized like the photos with the year stamped on. May a funny comment about the year (like: the year David jumped out the window, or the year Grandma's roof blew off-both true.)
Here's what the first binder looks like at this point:
workingonfamilypics 5-9-2010 1-01-41 AM

Once I am done, I hope my sibs will each take turns keeping them and going through them, maybe pull out some for their own use. They are not just mine, even if I did organize them together. I am trying to finish what Mom started a long time ago. I think it is going to be great. Just last weekend My brother Chris and I looked at one of the binders, telling storied and laughing at ourselves-and our family. Good times.

The caveat: a project like this makes me want to scrapbook a BUNCH of these photos. Looking at them brought back so many good memories I want to tell other people. Like these:
Jan1976 5-26-2010 3-43-23 PM

I am going to be VERY busy!

Have you ever done something like this? Do you scrapbook your own childhood photos? If so, I would love to see them!!

I put a link over in the sidebar for the binder and page protectors. Just click on them to see more info. The 3 1/2 x 5 pocket pages I couldn't find online, look here , and you can buy them at Hobby Lobby .
Have a good one!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let Me Make You An Offer.. can't refuse. LOL

Actually, I am on the other end of annual spring cleaning and I have a couple of crafty things I would love to give to a good home. I had great success the last time I advertised on my little bloggy, so I thought I would give it a try again! Then I was saving money for my trip to Europe. This time I am staying a little closer-Equityville. That's right-all proceeds will go into the down payment I am currently working on for my first home! (Trust me, if you have seen how I am growing out of my apartment, you will know that this is a worthy cause).

Below are the items for sale. Most are new, never used-except where noted. I can bring it to you if you are local (KY or Cincy) or I can ship it to you and accept payment by Paypal.

52 Scrapbbok Challenges by Elizabeth Kartchner. {SOLD}
Awesome book! Full of inspiration to get your scrappy mojo going. Read once, now time to pass it on!!
My price: $15 Retail:$19-$29

Glitz Designs Pack. Awesome pack from their Hot Mama Line. Includes paper, titles, and journalling stickers.
Glitz Designs Pack
My price: $6 Retail:$10-$15

Graphic 45 Pack: Includes paper, die cut tags, and alpha fom Playtimes Past, Nouveau Times, and Brides & Babies lines. See info on their site.{SOLD}

My price: $8 Retail:$15

HUGE pack from Scrap Within Reach. Includes 11 double sided papers, one large diecut, 2 rub-on packs, 2 ribbon packs, 2 chipboard alphas. Really nice collection of products from their Afternoon Tea and Industrial Park collections. Great for boy and girl pages

My price:$20 Retail $30

Yarn Pack. Someone day I will learn to better estimate how much yarn I need to buy! I have 3 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Pearl Frost, 1 skein Bernat Soft Boucle, and 1 skein Patons Classic Wool in Winter White.

My price:$5 Retail: over $15

and, lastly, the former crown jewel of my DVD collection:

OK, now that you are done laughing, you know you want it! I was a little obsessed with this show when I was in college. Ahem. Now it is time to give it a good home....

I have seasons 1,2,4,5 and Series finale.
My price:$50 Retail: $ 75

Interested in anything you see here? Leave me a comment or send me an email at

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Derby 2010 in Pictures

A few of my favorites from this year's Derby Festival:1. Raj from The Big Bang Theory at the Parade 2. awesome school band tearing it up! 3. Make me someo money, boys! (men running the betting machine at Derby Day Party) 4.Lisa enjoying a dirty martini. I stuck with the traditional mint julep. 5. My girlfriends and I went to Lynn;s Paradise Cafe for a rainy Day After Derby Brunch. Met Johnny Weir! He was very nice and took a couple of pictures with us.

A good, if not too rainy Derby this year. Summer has officially started here in the Ville!