Friday, July 31, 2015

Custom Made- Baby Scrapbook

A custom made scrapbook can be a great baby shower present! One of my customers found the 8x8 mini book I sell on Etsy and requested something a little bigger. So, I took the same design, but made it larger, with room for two pictures per month.

Just like in my 8x8 album, the design is simple-room for a couple of pictures and a journalling card I included to record a few thoughts from each month. It can be too much in that first year to keep track of a bunch of stuff. I love that this makes it so easy to record that first year! 

What made this album even more fun was she requested a paper doll dress on each page. The mama-to-be works in the fashion industry and she thought this would be a nice touch. I had way too much fun coming up with each outfit! The larger 12x12 album size allows space for more embellishment like this! 

Baby shoes in paper form and in real life are the cutest. I can't wait to do this same layout with little boy clothes! (Think overalls, tiny jerseys, OMG-the cuteness = ) 


 A little peek at the cover-also a custom request you can add on to your order. I can add any phrase you like in vinyl-Find that HERE

If you would like to order your own handmade baby scrapbook, you can find the 12x12 version HERE and the original 8x8 version HERE

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Shop Talk- Christmas In July!

Happy Monday Peeps!

I wanted to let you know about a special sale I am running in my shop this week. I hate to be one of those 'always complains about the weather' types, but let's just say-I could use a little less heat and humidity in my life ; ) So, why not think ahead to the holidays- yay for sales!

All of my 2014 Christmas and Hanukkah cards are just $10 for a set of 5 and gift tags are just $5. That's just $2 a card. Each piece is hand stamped and assembled with thick beautiful paper. Comes with envelopes and a boxed up just waiting for December to roll around!

Oh, yeah, one more thing- you only pay shipping for the first set. These little guys fit several to a priority mail box, so I can put a few more in there for FREE. FREE SHIPPING, y'all!

It's gonna be a fun week. You also might want to stop by my FB page for an extra little something special...just sayin'. Join us HERE!

Check out what's on sale:

 These were a hot seller last year- my Elf Movie themed cards!

and... Hanukkah Cards! (come in two colors)

Thanks for all the support peeps, and don't forget to hop over to my FB page to see what's happening there! 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shipping Links and New Scrapbook Pages

Today I wanted to share one shopping link and a couple of new projects. It's a big day of shopping for Amazon Prime members. It's a sale that's supposed to be 'better than Black Friday'! If you are going to shop-please consider going thru my affiliate link below. As an affiliate anything you buy sends a little love back to the site to help pay for things like more tutorials.  It doesn't cost you any more and really helps me keep the blog going. All year long you can click the link in the side bar to support Hot Wheels and Glue Guns and it doesn't cost you a penny more-thank so much for all the support!

Also, let me know what you buy-I love hearing about good deals. I am hoping for a good deal on an online streaming stick, maybe a Roku? Click the logo to shop:

Now, back to regularly schedule programming...

Kentucky Derby Scrapbook Page 2014

 supplies: paper: Chickaniddy Crafts and 7Paper (Studio Calico), Queen & Co. camera washi tape, American Crafts letter stickers, Amer. Crafts White Cardstock (my favorite), Sharpie Fine Tip Pen, from my stash: silver gems, pink paper strip, camera label, foam heart

I love so much about this layout: my favorite people all dressed up (I was pretty proud of my little fascinator, lol), the colors! pink+black+white is always a winner, and this streamlined layout. I need to use this more often

.And a Derby Party layout...

supplies: paper: Chickaniddy Crafts and 7Paper (Studio Calico)FF emoticon wood chipsAmerican Crafts letter stickersAmer. Crafts White Cardstock (my favorite), Sharpie Fine Tip Pen, from my stash: black cardstock, perfect day sticker

 Derby y'all. More of the same here. In addition to more of that awesome Amelia paper I should point out the yellow horse paper was a surprise find at I am not a huge fan of matchy-matchy theme products for all my scrapbooks, so I appreciated this fun print for it's horsiness without too much cutsie-ness. Also, I have been really inspired by one of my coworkers who is a hand lettering master. I have been sneaking lessons form her and decided to try a scripty font. Nothing fancy, I know, but I do love how it turned out.

My friend Jessica had a lot of fun with the party balloon mascot ; )

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy Mail Is The Best Mail Series (#6)

Hey y'all! Welcome back for my 6th installment of the #HappyMailIsTheBestMail series. Have you played along yet? (start here) If you have made any cards or written a letter inspired by my series, please tag them with #happymailisthebestmail on social media, I would love to see them!

Today I have two colorful, fun cards to share. To make it easy for you to create your own, I linked all the supplies underneath-just click to shop!

supplies: kraft paper card base, WRMK letterpress plates, yellow ink, Lawn Fawn stamp set, Distress Ink Markers, DNC embriodery floss

{Cheer Someone Up Day-July 11} that's today!
I was in a shop recently where they sold cards with a little charm attached. I loved that idea and brainstormed a way to do it for this series. When I was a teen I LOVED making friendship bracelets (did you ever do that?) I got really excited about making one for my niece Suzie (who is 14) and an idea was born! I had to refresh my memory and found this tutorial on making friendship bracelets. Recently I have been experimenting with letterpress cards for my shop, so I used these plates and stamped these flowers to match the colors of the bracelet. I used my exacto knife and a hole punch to add it to the card.

I am so in love with this card, I really want to make a few more to send out.

supplies: kraft paper card base, Mama Elephant stamps- Good Times and Pandamonium, Hero Arts Inks: pink, orange, yellow, teal, and Momento Black Ink

{Pandemonium Day-July 14}
A day dedicated to the chaos and unpredictability of life. From Wikipedia:
"Everyone has a day like this once in while. Its a day when all sort of unexpected things occur. Its a time when everything is happening at the same time, and at a very fast pace." 

Raise your hand if you have had a day like that? Just me?....ok....... For this little note card I pulled out some of my favorite all time stamps-I love those pandas! I also dusted off some of those ink colors I don't use. I tend to get in a rut, but this little card series has really inspired me to use some of the supplies I have been 'collecting' (ahem)

Thanks for stopping by! Go out and send some happy mail = )

Monday, July 6, 2015

What I'm Reading (#1)


Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend-I can't believe the summer is half way over?

I've been on a real reading kick lately, and I love seeing what other people are talking about and thought I would recommend a few of my current reads. Summer is a great time to catch up on some reading, don't you think?  I 'read' most books thru audiobooks. This time of year I am in the car alot, but I also like to have a book going on the weekends while I am cleaning or working on a project! I am a big supporter of my local library and I get most of my books from their website. Getting started with the library's download system can be a little tricky-if you need some guidance just find me on FB or Twitter and I'll help you get going. Also, I like to share books I've read with my friends on Goodreads-look me up and let's share.

A few books I have read and loved recently:

To Kill A Mockingbird
Have you heard of this little indie novel? ; ) I somehow missed reading this as a kid and all the recent talk about the new Harper Lee novel nudged me to finally read it. So so good! I fell in love with the Finch family and was genuinely surprised by several events in the book. I am really excited to read Go Set A Watchman now.Over the weekend I found the movie on YouTube and really enjoyed that as well.

I read about this book in some random online article and decided to give it a shot. Its a mix of mystery and coming of age, following one character from her small town upbringing to her life in Europe. It wasn't like anything I had read before and the story kept me engaged from beginning to end. There are a few characters in the mix that frustrated the hell out of me, so much so I would 'ugh' and 'what are you doing?' out loud. That's the sign of a good story, in my opinion.

Where They Left Her and Reconstructing Amelia
I am now officially a Kimberly McCreight fan. Much like Laura Lippman she writes in the flashback/present day/various narrator style that I really like. I enjoyed Amelia more of the two, but both were very good mysteries with great character development.

The Farm
Another book I happened upon from a review online. It was ok. It is a family story, but with a lot of intrigue and back story involved. I was surprised by what transpired by the end, the middle did lose me a little. What kept me going was the uncertainty of the narrator. Who was telling the truth? Who was lying? I couldn't wait to figure that out!

Yes, Please
I am sure I am not the first blogger to recommend this to you, right? As expected it was funny and informative. What else can I add? Do yourself a favor and listen to the audio recording instead of reading the paper copy. It is an experience way beyond just reading a memoir. There are guest appearances (her parents! Patrick Stewart!) and live recordings and so many extra nuggets that make listening to it like an old style radio play in the very best way. Can't say enough good things about it!

The Marriage Plot
Did you read Middlesex? If not, add that to your reading list first. I really really loved Middlesex and was excited to read another book by Eugenides. This did not disappoint. It was not quite as engaging and thrilling as Middlesex, but I still really enjoyed it! His writing style is witty, quick, maybe a tad too verbose (the literary references started to remind me of guys I knew in college who tried to wow you with their vocabulary). I also had the experience (like in Unbecoming) of yelling at some of the characters while in my car listening to this. If I care enough to get mad about some of their choices I know I am into a book! Read this soon (after you read Middlesex).

BTW: Have you read Virgin Suicides? Should I read it too?

Next on my list is Mr. Mercedes. I also have a girls' weekend coming up that I need to find a good paperback to take. Any suggestions?

Please note that affiliate links are used throughout this post. If you click thru to Amazon a small portion of your purchase comes back here to help support this site. All opinions I shared are my own-Amazon does not bribe me to recommend books I hate = ). Thanks as always for all your support!

Have a great week, y'all and feel free to share your book recommendations in the comments!


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shop Talk- Project Life Cards!

Hello! Hope you are having a great week. I wanted to share some exciting new products I have added to my Etsy shop-Pocket Scrapbook cards!

I have a (ahem) wide variety of stamps that I love to use in my scrapbooks. As I talked about before I use a combo of Project Life/Pocket Scrapbook pages and traditional layouts in my books. The past few months I have been making my own 3x4 cards to match certain occasions and make really custom pieces for my yearly scrapbook. I've loved using them so much I made some to share with my awesome customers! 

I have 5 versions currently for sale (NOTE: the last set is a little 'mature', in case young eyes are looking over your shoulder ; ) )

**Please excuse the fuzziness in some of the photos-I had to take these with my iPhone. The listings on my Etsy shop might be a little easier for you- CLICK HERE to see them**

Click! Camera Themed Project Life Cards. Something special about my cards is each and every one is hand stamped! Not computer printed or copied, but stamped with my two little hands. I love the authentic look you get with ink stamping and I think it is more than worth the effort to create each one-I wanted to make something really special for your scrapbook.

food pocket scrapbook cards
Foodie! Sweet and Salty themed Project Life Cards- available in B&W and with COLOR!

I really love of these turned out with the ketchup and mustard accents = )

Days of the Week-Project Life Cards. These would work great if you are participating in A Week In The Life!

Worst Day Ever Project Life Cards. I can tell you these were inspired by a few really bad days.....things I wanted to look back on (and hopefully laugh at? lol)

Here's a little peek at one of my cards at work in a mini book:
handmade pocket scrapbook kit

(sorry- cute babies NOT included with your order ; ) )

Again- you can CLICK HERE to see the entire collection. I can't wait to see people using them in their own scrapbooks-the best part of my job!

I need ideas for future sets-I want to hear from my peeps who work in the Project Life format. What kind of cards would you like to see?

Leave me a comment, I love reading all the feedback!