I Blinked.

**{SAP ALERT} This post is full of lovey-dovey sappiness.....beware or you may need to go hug someone after reading. You've been warned ; ) **

I was doing some light cleaning/organizing last weekend when I came across pictures of my oldest nephew and niece. And a flood of happy memories came rushing back. I may have gotten teary eyed....maybe.

It's just that, for me, being an aunt is this really special, important, emotional thing. I love them almost as much as their parents do. I don't have kids of my own yet, but you know that saying that 'having a child is like a piece of your heart is walking around outside of you'? I totally get that. I feel this compulsion to hug them, kiss them, protect them, teach them, tell them how special they are 45678232 times. My niece had the flu and was in the hospital for, like a day when she was four-I was a mess.  

Ready to go hug your cat yet? ; )

Anyhoo....I was struck by how vividly I remember their days as babies and how much they have grown up. How is it possible that every year they get bigger and smarter (and taller?) How is it that Tommy is going to start driving soon? I feel like I blinked, and suddenly they are 12 and 14.

So, I decided to document them. I didn't bother scanning and reprinting the pictures. I thought about it, so they would all be perfectly sized and the colors would match, but then realized I was WAY overthinking things. I pulled out a few pieces of paper and went to town:

I cut a few of the floral chevrons out and stitched in a couple of scraps from my stash. A close up:


A close up of the layering in the middle (and possibly my two favorite pictures of my niece):

supplies: Dear Lizzy papers, Amy Tangerine wood veneer card, Studio Calico little people, Thickers,
Technique Tuesday stamp

So, there you are-possibly the most sappy, lovey dovey thing you will read all day-lol! 

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