Free Fun Friday- iPad Edition

Last Christmas I upgraded my beloved iPod touch to an even more loved iPad mini. I am really in love with her, most days I can be found like this:

Swiping and reading and generally consuming all the media my brain can handle. Funny enough, I've actually found tons of practical use from my little friend. I've used it for countless functions, taking pictures for work (the camera is much better than on my touch), organizing my schedule, making lists, reading PDF's, taking notes at meetings, and even writing this blog post!

I thought for this edition of Free Fun Friday I would share a few of my favorite apps that work really well on my Mini.

Pinterest. The way it looks on the Mini is AMAZING, and it really does help me organize websites, ideas, recipes, etc. not essential to my life, but very nice to have.

Instagram. Rocks. Seeing the pictures on a larger screen is way nice.

Blogger. I'm using it right now! (I just wish I could see my Dashboard in the app)

Penultimate. I am still trying to get the hang of this one, but it basically works like a piece of notepaper. With my stylus I can rite or doodle, then save or email it.

Evernote. I use this for all sorts of organization- vacations, blog ideas, work deadlines, group projects, and it syncs with my PC!!

Kindle and iBook (which comes with the iPad and Zinio. I love love LOVE reading on my Mini. These three apps give me access to all sorts of books and MAGAZINES! I love Magazines.

Abode Reader. I use this to open PDF's from work and websites. Not sure what else it can do, but I should research!

So, there's my list, what are your favorite iPad apps?