Monday, August 25, 2014

Homemade Bath Bomb Party Favors

Happy Monday! Last week I shared these invitations I made for my Sister in law's baby shower, today I thought I would share this idea I came up with for party favors. I love love LOVE a bubble bath and I have been a long time fan of the bath bombs from Lush. Thanks to Pintrest I found out they were simple to make and I whipped up a batch! 

I took pictures along the way, if you want to see the original recipe, click over to this post on the Everything Etsy blog! She has a great tutorial all written up, and I decided no need to reinvent the wheel. Today I'll just share my process and things I learned along the way! 

Ingredients: epsom salt, coconut oil, baking soda, sugar glitter, red food coloring, corn starch (from the grocery) citric acid, grapefruit oil (from Whole Foods)

I mixed it all together by hand, until it resembled sand. Sweet smelling sand.

 I added a couple of drops of food color. Not too many (you don't want to dye any bathers! lol)
 You can see how, when properly mixed, it holds shape. Like sand.
 I decided to use my ice cube trays as molds. That way I could wash them after I was done in the dishwasher. To make them a little fancy I sprinkled candy glitter into each cube before adding the mix. Then press them down into molds to get out any air bubbles.

I let them set over night and they were dried out. Here;s what they looked like before I packaged them up with: a mini nail polish, hand cream and gift tag:

Aren't they so cute? And they smelled great-fruity and fresh, but not too 'perfumy' if you know what I mean. I wanted something different for a party favor that wouldn't break the bank, these were perfect! Again, you can see the original tutorial here if you need more direction.

Also, follow me over at Pintrest where you can see more ideas like this.

Cheers to a great week, y'all!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Free Fun Friday- Podcast Junkie (Part Deux)

Holler! It's Friday, peeps. I have a big, long list of projects I want to finish up this weekend, I'm also hoping to fit an outside day in-I have to enjoy this weather while we have it, right? 

Today I am back with another edition of Free Fun Friday (a series I have done here and there when I find something on the interwebs I want to pass along). I am a big podcast junkie (I shared a few favorites from a year ago here). I would rather listen to a podcast while I am drive or am at home doing housework. Music can be good, but, honestly, I get bored with the radio.

 I wanted to pass along a few of my favorites. Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites? All of these are available online and in the iTunes store-BUT, most are local, small companies who survive on donations of fans. I try once a year to send them a few bucks to thank them for providing such entertaining content! 

Jillian Michaels- If you think you know her from The Biggest Loser, this show is totally different. Yes, they talk about fitness, but so much more-relationships, motivation, goal setting. She and her co hosts are really, really funny and I find them very inspiring!

Elise Gets Crafty A new podcast by one of my favorite bloggers! They are short (about 30 mins) and she talks about small business, being an artist, blogging. If you are a work at home mama you will find a lot of relevent info! I'm not, but I like learning more about online business and there is tons of info in each episode!

Bald Move Network- My favorite podcasts tend to be discussions about my favorite tv shows. I discovered this network during my Game of Thrones binge. They are so, so funny! Every single week I listen to their
Game of Thrones Orange is the New Black podcasts. I even listened to one or two episodes of the True Blood cast-and I don't even watch that show!

Pop Culture Happy Hour- If you like hearing intelligent analysis of sometimes not so serious topics-this program is for you. Since I started listening, they have covered topics like: 'when is a movie so bad it's good', 'pop culture punching bags', 'rites of passage' and 'the one hit wonder'. It's kind of the best mix of ear candy and thought provoking. So, so entertaining.

That's it for this edition of Free Fun Friday (you can see other posts in this series here). Please leave a comment with your favorite podcast!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby Shower Invites with Stamping and Photos!

Hey y'all! A couple of weeks ago my family hosted a shower for my newest niece Bridget. I thought it would be fun to share a few special projects I put together, hopefully it will inspire you when planning your next event!

We held this shower after Little B was born, so I had the idea to include a picture with the invitation. Cute baby photo = winning card design, right? Right. Before we get into the invite, I thought I'd share a few pictures from what was a really fun shower! 
The only boy invited to the shower was little Will. He was our chaperon and just as popular as Little B!

I hosted with my cousin Katie who made all the food! We had too much fun pulling this off.
The picture of the day! This is my Grandma (who still comes to every baptism, shower, party we have!) with Little B and my sister in law Ann Marie. This picture makes me so happy, Bridget is so loved!
My friend Torrie came along for some quality baby snuggle time.

Ok, more about the invitation. My sis in law had some newborn pictures taken by Natalie at Studio N Photography. She got some really stunning pictures! I mean, she got Little B smiling! So sweet.
I fell in love with this pic and wanted to feature it in the invite. I know how photographers work and how protective they can be of their images (rightfully so), so instead of just copying and pasting the image Natalie shared on Facebook I emailed her to ask permission to use this picture for my card. Note-I can imagine that some photographers will not be OK with this, but it's not fair to steal a picture that you did not take without asking permission, so that was a chance I was going to take. Turns out Natalie could not be sweeter about the whole thing! She wanted to see the card and how I was using the picture and she said it was totally fine. In fact, she told me that my sis in law had ordered this particular shot for her baby announcements so she suggested the one below that I ended up using. I can't recommend Natalie enough, if you are in Ohio/KY I would highly recommend her! 

I wanted to keep the design simple so I could create a whole stack of cards and use up my ever growing pile of patterned paper. Once my cousin and I decided on a color scheme (pink, red, teal) I just went through my paper and found several I could use as the background. I used kraft paper as the background, so the colors would really pop.The polaroid image is this stamp from Lawn Fawn that I scanned into my computer. I was able to add the text in MS Word, then use the print and cut feature of my Silhouette to cut them all out. That really saved me some time.

I took my piles of baby cuteness and put them together in a night. Well. a Night and a half (six episodes of OITNB to be exact). What I loved about his design is even though it is so simple, the picture and the colors really make it look fantastic! I would highly recommend this design for anyone who needs to make shower or birthday invitations. Oh, and the print and cut feature of the Silhouette is so helpful. It can take a few tries to figure it out, but it really can make light work of multiple cards like this!

Thanks for stopping by.Leave a comment if you have a question and I linked all the products I used below!



Studio N Photography

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