Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's A Girl To Do ?

When she has cleaned up her apartment and has a nice, clear dining room table? Why, mess it up of course! This week has been a little tense, and this girl was in need of a little creative therapy. I made a few cards for online challenges, special occasions coming up, and just for fun! I am not totally happy with all of them,but I feel a whole lot better!!


My favorite card! I love of this turned out. Made it for the Get Sketchy Blog. I used a scrap left over from a CKC class I took, then I stamped a Studio Calico star stamp onto fabric paper (old, maybe Making Memories?). The sentiment is super old, but so glad I used it, totally fits the card, don't you think?

Used the same stamp, same fabric paper, and the same old sentiment set to put this little guy together. Not sure what I will do with him, but I will find a worthy recipient.

Made this lady for the CPS Blog and the 2Sketches4U Blog Used a Bo Bunny stamp I got at CKC, and papers I won once from Stampin' Up.

So, I was wondering what would happen if I misted on white cardstock and and inked it, then used it as a background. You can't see all the blue in it, kind of pretty, huh? Love this stamp from Heidi Swapp. Not sure how I feel about this card, it needs something. Or, maybe I will redo the design, not sure. Just felt like playing and sewing, and...there you go.

Another card. Same story.

Again, not in love with this card, but it was fun to put together. I love the stitching, and I inked over it, which I think is kind of cool.

Sorry for the craptastic photos, but it's 11 o'clock and I really wanted to post these in a timely fashion. Thanks for stopping by. Any fun Easter plans? I am going up to Cincy on Friday to visit the fam. Not sure about Sunday, still working that out. What I do know is: I have a pretty Easter outfit, the weather is going to be BEAUTIFUL, and I am will be outside as much as possible!!

What are you up to?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top Ten Things We Learned From Our Trip to Europe

1. English food is delicious! I had heard otherwise, but every meal I had there was yummy. Even the McDonald’s.
From London

2. Not to sound all un-PC, but: if you are travelling with someone who uses a wheelchair in either Paris or London, you have hit the motherload. We didn’t pay for pretty much anything we did. Versailles was free. All the museums were free to us. We didn’t pay to ride the bus. Seriously, it was awesome (on a side note, I am always available if someone needs a travel partner ; ) ).

3. British pop music is fun and addicting. We couldn't stop watching their version of MTV. I made Tiffany watch this video three times!

4. South Park in French is even funnier than South Park in English.

5. When I spoke French, people understood me and I understood them. Amazing to me, since I haven’t spoken the language in over 10 years. Thank you Madame Flynn!!

6. Crepes for breakfast is ALWAYS a good idea!
7. In both cities we rode the bus-a lot. We learned you can get pretty much anywhere on the city buses. The trains…..well….that is another story.

8. French babies may be the cutest in the world. I heard one young lady, in the CUTEST hat I ever seen- say ‘ne touché pas, ne touché pas’ to her pesky brother and I almost died. And put her in my purse. But I didn’t.
8a. London babies, conversely, are angry and sad all the time. I got some of the most HATEFUL looks from babies on the bus there. I wonder why? Maybe because it is ALWAYS gray and gloomy there? That would put me in a bad mood too.
9. French kings will gild anything. Versailles and the Louvre were ridiculous, in a purely wonderful way. I wish I lived there.
From Paris

From Paris

10. Everything that went wrong on our trip (and there was a LOT that went wrong) ended up being really comical and will always be blamed on the state of Minnesota.

It all started there.
From London

Thanks for staying with me and sharing a few of my favorite Euope memories. I apoligiza for my lack of grammar and stoytelling abilities. I write how I speak..quickly! haha

It was the trip of a lifetime, and I can't wait to go back!

Top Ten Funny Things That Happened On Our Trip

1. We got very confused by an automatic potty in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris. A passerby had to explain it to us. I am pretty sure he felt really sorry for us
From Paris

2. I had a way too long and way too confusing conversation with a drunken French person in the same neighborhood.
From Paris

3. We got our picture taken by (who we hoped was) a French journalist in from of the Eiffel Tower.
From Paris

4. Tried, and failed to get tattoos. Once the place was closed, once they were booked. Both times required 20 minute rides on the bus.
From Paris

5. Tried to get to Versailles via a train station that was marked as accessible on the map we had. No lift, we looked-for like, an hour. Tried to call company that runs the trains only to be told the woman on the phone didn’t know where the lift was…um, ok? Decided to rearrange our plans and do something else that day.
From Paris

6. Tried to order a coffee with hot milk, only to get a hot milk (a lait chaud instead of a café au lait). Did I mention that I took 12 years of French? Ahem. Finally traded it in for a café, after waiting a good 10 minutes for the waiter to come back. Ah, french waiters….
From Paris

7. Walked along with a group of British teenagers who talked really fast and kept saying I knoooooo’ over and over. Kind of like American teenagers, right? I KNOW.
From London

8. Listened to the British Guard play ‘ Copa Cabana’ and ‘Dancing Queen’ during the Changing of the Guard ceremony.My video quality is not great, but the audio will tell it all. I think I was laughing too hard to hold the camera still:
From London

9. Watched a group of Rugby fans converge upon the block we were having coffee and crepes, set up their instruments, gather a crowd,and play a rousing verse of…Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Really? Not what I would consider an uplifting fight song, but ok.
From Paris

10. After #5, try the next day at another train station (this one had a lift-thank you Rick Steves!). Made our way downstairs. Turned myself around so that Brittney could pull me up on the train….and the door closes and off she goes. We lost Brittney. After a small panic attack Tiffany and I board the train hoping we will find our friend at the Versailles stop. Luckily, she found US at the next stop. Crisis averted. Stupid Minnesota.
From Paris

From Paris

From Paris

Top Ten Things We Did in Europe

Hello there.

So, you may have heard that I went on a little adventure with my friend Tiffany. I know you have been on the edge of your seat waiting to hear details and see pictures. Far be it from us to bore you with a looong post detaialing every little thing about it. We decided to give you a few tidbits in the form of top ten lists. Sit back and enjoy our hilarious (at least to us) stories. There will be three posts in total (aren't you lucky?).

The short story: We left Louisville and fly into London, where we spent five days with our friend Brittney and her beau Alan. Then Tiffany, Brittney and I took the Eurostar to Paris for four days.

The long story: If you are really interested in seeing all our pictures, you can find them here => London and Paris

* Let's get the bad new out of the way right off the bat. Thursday afternoon we flew out of Louisville into Minneapolis, MN. To an airpot I have never been to, but we had a three hour layover, so should have been no big deal. And it wasn't, until we landed at London-Heathrow. Turns out the baggage handlers in Minnesota destroyed my wheelchair to the point where I could no longer use it. I left the airport and took my little adventure with a rickety-ass old transport wheelchair. Caused all sorts of stress and whatever...I prefer not to rememeber that part, but you will see it in the pictures, so there you go.*

On to the fun stuff:

1. Ate crepes for four days straight (with Nutella, chocolate, or strawberry jam)
From Paris

2. Took LOTS of pictures of touist, locals, and fashion dont's.
From London

3. Lit candles at Westminster Abbey and Notre Dame.
From Paris

4. Admired the view from the Eiffel Tower. Seriously I could do that all day.
From Paris

From Paris

5. Spent the afternoon exploring the flea market at Camden.
From London

From London

6. Ate lobster at a fancy French restaurant.
From Paris

7. Tried on berets
From Paris

From Paris

8. Ate fish & chips, drank ale at a British pub.
From London

9. Watched ‘Top Ten Pop Stars’ with Justin Bieber on Britain’s version of MTV.
From London

10.Plotted ways to get an adorable French baby into my carry-on luggage. Seriously. I saw SO many beautiful french babies on the bus, I could hardly stand it.
10a. Took pictures here:
From London

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I've Got Inky Fingers

See I told you I was all full of creative energy. This week I am getting back into something I enjoy from time to time. Online Challenges. I like the creative prompts, sometimes they get me going in a totally differenct direction fom where I started, but I always get going. It doesnt hurt that most of these sites entice you with prizes....

Yesterday and today I finished up three very different cards. I added as much product info as I could remember and I'll add links to the different sites that inspired them. If you need a little spark of creativity, check them out!:


Seriously love this sentiment. It can from a vintage inspired page of cards. The other bits and pieces are from a new Melody Ross borders pack. Here's a closeup:


I have to admit, I wasn't sure of this week's SPCC Color Challenge. Orange and blue sound like a sports team, not a beautiful handmade card. Totally wrong. I LOVE the way this card turned out. Simple and fun.


Used up a pack of Basic Grey rub-ons for this one. Just layered them, cut them up, and made them into something new. Bazzill cardstock and and Inkadinkado sentiment embossed with Navy Blue American Crafts embossing powder.

What's everyone else been up to? Any fun crafty projects in the works?

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

*100th Blog Post*- Getting my Mojo (and my camera) Back

100 posts? How fun is that? When I started this blog I wasn't sure if I would really enjoy it. Would I keep up with it? Would anyone even read it? Thanks to everyone that stops by. I love sharing with my cyberworld friends!

I read dozens of blogs regularly, so if you have one- Link me up in the comments. I can always add more!

On another exciting and random note, I finally got my camera back. It has been at the repair shop for a month and a half. Now she is good as new! I suddenly want to put together a phoot shoot and take pictures of everything (but I restrain myself!)

So, last weekend I attended my second CKC (Creating Keepsakes Convention). My SIL Ann Marie and I have been planning this weekend for MONTHS! We were pretty embarassingly excited about spending two whole days getting crafty:

Check it out ==>

Look at the creative, beautiful mess we made on our crop table!

A few of Ann's friends came down with her from Cincy

One of my fun teachers, Paper Crafts editor Susan Opel

Lastly a layout I made for the Convention Layout contest. I was pretty proud of it, so I thought I would share:

The theme for the contest was healing. Normally I am not mussy or sentimental on my scrapbook pages, but I put together a few thoughts on how creativity helps me remember the good times and bad, reminding me of all the blessings in my life. I know, corny.

My LO did not win any prizes, nor did the card I submitted, but guess whose did? This girl

My friend Deanne won second place, got her name announced in front of the whole crowd, and won a bunch of loot! She was with me last year when I won the LO contest, so I was really excited to share this with her!! WOOT WOOT!

Wondering what classes I took? Here are a few ==>

Paper Crafts class. Seriously LOVE that lovebug stamp. We made this cute tag book and a card. I already know what I will finish this with.

Life is a Journey from Technique Tuesday. This is the front cover of a mini book, which is pretty much all we finished in class. Actually, that was fine with me. It gave me something to do at the night crop and I had a lot of fun putting. Got to play with lots of fun Technique Tuesday products! p.s. I made a beeline to their booth at the Vendor Faire and got two AWESOME stamps sets: this one and this one.
I know, awww.....that smile makes me all swoony. This was the first of two layouts I did in the Studio Calico class called Masking and Misting. A really fun class. You may know my mild obsession with Studio Calico and their products. We got to take a stamp home, plus TONS of other goodies.

Layout number two. This time we used Thicker stickers as a mask for misting the background. I think it turned out really cute. This layout is not finished. I want to add soemthing witty in the thought bubble. And a title. Any suggestions?

CKC made me feel very inspired and creative. I have had more time to scrap lately, and here's a couple pieces of eye candy for you ==>

The first LO in a series from the Holidays last year. Isn't that a sweet face? That title die cut was made on my lovely Silhouette. Paper is from Cosmo Cricket. Sweet and fun.

Someone bought a new butterfly punch last week....I used paper from a Studio Calico kit-Marketplace to put this together. I suddenly want to punch butterflies out of EVERYTHING.

Well, that's enough for tonight. Thanks again for stopping by!