Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little Summer Joy Update

Hello, peeps! 

First I want to say thanks to everyone who commented and reached out after my first #1picture1000ishwords post. A lot of emotions I didn't realize I had poured out of one story. That's the power of pictures.

Today I wanted to share an update in my Little Summer Joy album. You might remember my post where I talked about this class I contributed to recently. I had not touched the journal since early June, but last weekend I had a free day so I added a bunch!  (as always, I linked to most of the products I used at the end of the post if you want to find them!)

Little Summer Joy Album - Travel Album - HotWheelsandGlueGuns

My oldest nephew graduated high school this year. My Dad needed a car mate, so off we went to Illinois! We had 5 hours alone to talk and boy did we. Anyone who knows my father knows he LOVES to talk. I got a bunch of material I want to put into a larger scrapbook page, but added a selfie we took here.  Also, can we discuss that MY NEPHEW IS A COLLEGE STUDENT. 

Sorry, I'm yelling. Nothing like a graduation to give you ALL the feelings. 

It's worth noting that I am using an old Kelly Purkey stamp that I LOVE and have used a million times. Get used to seeing it alot ; ) I was inspired to make the ombre background by the lovely Julie and her Instagram post.

Little Summer Joy Album - Travel Album - HotWheelsandGlueGuns

End of June I was in Cincinnati for a work conference. That's my hometown, but when the last day ended early I decided to take a little walk around downtown. I found myself at the Contemporary Arts Center, and it was really inspiring. These giant sculptures are made of fiber, and were part of an exhibit called Passages. They were AMAZING.

I used my Distress Inks to stamp the right hand border and free hand brush the bottom left. I love how they simply compliment the colors of my pictures. I printed out the left hand picture on my home printer and accidentally loaded the printer with copy paper instead of photo paper. I decided to just keep it and added it right into the book (adding the 'just go' stamp). As I edited these pics I realized I forgot to add the date-duh! I went back and added that, just imagine it's there.

Little Summer Joy Album - Travel Album - HotWheelsandGlueGuns

Just an average summer week here. I finally make it to the drive inn. Saw Finding Dory and Independence Day (double feature for the win!). I eat so many caprese salads it warranted a picture. One of my favorite princesses turned 3!

Added a little paper, a little tape and some journalling. Easy Peasy. Also forgot to add the dates- I see a trend.

Little Summer Joy Album - Travel Album - HotWheelsandGlueGuns

The other picture I printed on copy paper on the right. My first LCFC soccer game on the left. Why yes, that is a dinosaur in my soccer picture. No, he is not the mascot. Soccer fans are crazy, y'all.

Little Summer Joy Album - Travel Album - HotWheelsandGlueGuns

One of the lessons in the class challenged me to document some of the little things that made my summer awesome. I had these pictures on my phone and decided to cut them into circles- kind of like pop up thought bubbles on the page! I purposely left lots of space with the intention that I will add more as the summer goes on. 

I free hand painted the title with Distress Inks. Impressed ; ) ? ha! It is SO not perfect, but it is something I want to try more of! That ice cream cone is from my most recent Color Cast Design order (you guys, I have a baggie full of tiny ice cream cones and I love them). I added that skinny washi on the right edge as a pop of color.

Thanks for stopping by! I really am enjoying this summer project. It's not too late to join me - all the class content is on the website, so once you sign up you can work at your own pace. 

Thanks for stopping by! Michelle

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

1 Pictures, 1000ish Words: #1

(20110, Paris Brittney and Tiffany) Notre Dame + berets + skinny cigarettes = the MOST French picture we could take #nailedit

Today I said goodbye to my sweet friend Brittney, who passed away late last week. This picture tells the story of three women on their first trip to Paris.

 This trip was full of mishaps. At one point we LOST Brittney on a train to Versailles (only to meet up with her 30 minutes later). I was stuck in an airport transport chair after my regular wheelchair was destroyed on the flight overseas (that's a story for another Thursday). That one set back made me 90% less mobile than I normally am and made navigating a sometimes frustrating process. The train we wanted to take to see Versailles had a gap of several inches we had to cover with this substandard chair. We literally tried 3-4 times to unsuccessfully board this train because the doors would close before we were able to move my wheelchair into the door. We laughed at how freaking fast these doors were! And none of us knew enough about how the trains worked to find someone to help us. Picture our fifth attempt: Brittney was to jump on the train, then Tiffany would turn my chair around so we could pull it up the gap onto the train. We were ready. We HAD A PLAN.The train pulled up, doors opened, Brittney jumped up, I turned around- and the doors closed. The train took off.  Imagine Brittney’s eyes comically big (we could see them thru the window as she pulled off). A few minutes later Tiffany and I were able to actually get on a train and off we went- crossing out fingers we would find our friend (did I mention I was the only one in the group who spoke any French? Oh yeah). 5 minutes into our ride the doors open at a stop- and Brittney walks in! (Eyes still comically big). She says ‘ What just happened?’ and we proceed to laugh our asses off at the 1,000th absurd thing that we faced on this trip.

This trip should have been a disaster. It should have been horrible, but  some of my favorite memories are from this week in Europe!  Every time I think of Brittney’s face when we finally found her on the train I smile. And I look at this picture and laugh. We set out to take ‘the most touristy, stereotypically French’ picture we could- and we found a shop selling French berets. I took the picture, because I was the only one who couldn’t stop laughing ; )

I am so thankful for these memories on a day like today.  I am thankful for pictures (always). And I am most thankful for my friendship with these women.  I will miss a million things about you, sweet Brittney.  But THANK YOU for being my friend and being a part of the this story.

(This is the first of what I hope will be a regular series where I share a picture and the story it tells. Sometimes I will share them here on the blog, but most Thursdays I will share them on my shop Instagram account- because Throwback Thursdays seems like a good place to share them. Join me over there! )

Monday, June 27, 2016

Little Summer Joy Project

Summer Travel Journal Hot Wheels and Glue Guns Little Summer Joy

Summer Travel Journal Hot Wheels and Glue Guns Little Summer Joy

Good morning, peeps. Remember that talk we had last time about travel journals? Remember how we we really liked this new format because it made it EASY and MANAGABLE to start and finish a memory keeping project?

Well, I have something fun to tell you about, and I hope I can inspire a few of you 'non scrapbookers' to follow along!  (oh, and I have a discount code. Summer Sales ROCK)

This summer I will be contributing to the Little Summer Joy class from Little Paper Projects.  I discovered this blog last summer and really enjoyed getting to know the two head ladies- Julie and Jen. They put an emphasis on  modern and approachable memory keeping, and while I LOVE a full on paper crafting session, sometimes I want to get my creative fix in a more simple and quick project.

Maybe you are one of my 'non scrapbooker' friends and you're thinking 'Oh Michelle, sure you SAY it's easy BUT- I don't have any of the STUFF! I don't have any TIME! I'm not DOING ANYTHING THIS SUMMER! First, of all- no need to shout, I am right here. Second, hear me out. I know this project could be fun and inspiring! A couple of reasons 'non scrapbookers' would like this project:

* You don't need ALL THE STUFF.  You could get all artsy-craftsy with this journal, but you really only need: a journal (notebook, photo album, etc.), a pen and some adhesive (like double sided tape or a tape runner). You should also do yourself a favor and pick up some washi tape. Because it's pretty and it's tape so it's practical.

* You don't need TONS OF TIME. The point of doing this project is to finish it, enjoy it and document your summer. Not to add another to-do list or stress to your life! set aside a half hour a week if you can and do what you can!  The only time consuming part is getting your pictures printed, and you can do that at most big retailers these days. ( Or do you have a color printer at home? I have a Canon Selphy just for printing pictures, but my HP 5200 office printer is great, too!)

* YOUR STORY IS WORTH TELLING. Don't you dare tell me you're not doing ANYTHING this summer. If that's the case then you need a few summer goals (see below). Also, the really beautiful thing about a memory keeping project is how it tells the story of your life - good, bad and boring! Your loved ones would love to see a snapshot of your life and years from now it would be really fun to look back at this summer and see what your home looked like, your friends/family looked like, what you ate, what you saw- all those little lovely details of life.

Have I convinces you yet? Well, how about a discount? If you sign up for the class before June 30th. Use coupon code SAVE5 to get $5 off! I bet now I've got you ; )

Little Summer Joy Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

Today I also wanted to share a little peek into my summer album so far and what products I am using to pretty it up. (But, remember, this is just what I am doing, by no means do you need to be this involved!)
 Summer Travel Journal Hot Wheels and Glue Guns Little Summer Joy

Supplies: Moleskine notebook, Gold Thickers (letter stickers), date stamp, Tombow Tape Runner, Distress Inks, washi tape from Michael's, old stamp from Studio Calico, paper scraps and small bits from my stash. Not pictured: my favorite journaling pen.

First, I want to point out that I don't normally chew on my notebooks. Seems my furry friend Penny wanted to take a real bite out of summer. ahem.  For my little stack here I pulled everything from my stash. The only thing I bought new was the adhesive! I have a mesh zipper pouch that I am keeping it all in, so I can just pull it out and work on it (hopefully once a week, but we'll see how that goes)  

For the past few years I have made a summer 'to do list' and I think it's a fun exercise. Nothing high pressure, but a few things I want to remember over the next few months.  One or more activity usually involves ice cream ; ). This year I used one of the class printables to create my list, then I taped that onto my first page

Summer Travel Journal Hot Wheels and Glue Guns Little Summer Joy

This year's list includes: * outdoor movie * picnic in the park * Steel City Popsicles (already DONE, because I am an over achiever ; ) ) * Visit my family in Ohio * cook dinner outside * make lemon cocktails (something my sis gave me for Xmas) * visit the Big Four Bridge * visit Downtown Cincinnati * POOOOOLLLL DAY! * go see the movie Independence Day,  You'll notice I left space at the bottom to add more items-because, over achiever.

I hope I inspired you to give this project a try and if you do let me know! I will be posting lots of updates on Instagram, so make sure you follow me there.  It's so quick and easy to post there these days, that's really the best way to keep up with me. However, I am going to pop back up in this space a few times with more details.

Thanks for stopping by!