Friday, February 19, 2016

Hot Wheels Essentials- Winter Edition

Happy Friday! Winter in The 'Ville has been pretty calm, really. A little snow and a couple of days with freezing temps, but not too bad. The photo above shows how really bright and sunny it has been.  For some reason, I have still been hermit crab-ing inside and I still have those winter blues....why is that? The shorter days? the after holidays slump? Who knows. I am not one to wallow, so today let's celebrate a few of the things that have made me happy recently.

In January I said goodbye to one of my sweet cats, Beavis. Man, that was tough. The first time I've gone through the loss of a pet and it was much harder than expected. I still miss him at night-he was my snuggle buddy. Above is Penny. She joined me at the beginning of February. I found her in the local no-kill shelter. She is a year old tabby/something else mix and she is the softest, sweetest kitty! She is helping me (and my other cat Succotash) get back to normal.

A few of this year's cold weather essentials:

- 11/22/63 on Hulu. I read the book a few years ago and it was EXCELLENT. Just started watching the series and really enjoying it.
- I am in love with my french press and my new coffee mug-and I don't care who knows it.
- Glamglow's Thirstymud has saved my skin, y'all. Winter air dries my skin out like crazy, but I use this once a week as an overnight mask and it has really made a difference! (the link goes to Amazon where I found it for MUCH cheaper than I paid for it-amazing price! )
- For my body, I bought this Nivea lathering scrub on a whim. It makes my skin sooo soft
- You know I love a good audiobook, and this one was so, so good. Have you read any of her other books?
- I LOOOVVVVE starting a new project. It really helps get my mind off the stressful stuff. This year I want to learn to do lettering (and maybe calligraphy?). I found a reference to The Postman's Knock on Instagram and bought one of their Learn Calligraphy for a Latte packages. Now to get started.

So, that's what new with me. What about you-am I the only one with the winter blues? How do you fight them? Any new projects happening? I want to hear about them! 

Have a great weekend,

Monday, February 15, 2016

Shop Talk- Custom Baby Album

custom baby album etsy

Happy Monday, peeps. Recently, I  sent out a custom baby album to one of my sweet customers. Here's a couple of sneak peeks:

hotwheelsandglueguns baby album

custom made baby book

You can see many more pictures and order your own book HERE (you can also send me an email: )

I've gotten alot of great feedback about this book and it's my most popular custom item. I kept the design simple so that its very usable for new parents- each page holds one picture and a few notes for each month in baby's first year. (you can also order a larger version that holds more photos HERE) The fun/creative part comes from mixing up colors and papers to make it a one of a kind book-each book is made to order and totally unique. 

Now is a great time to order your own book. Obviously, this would make a great baby shower gift.. But, this would be a great gift for grandparents, aunts/uncles who live out of town-heck, if you just had a baby- treat yo'self. Etsy makes it so easy to order, even if you've only gotten three hours of sleep ; )

Thanks for stopping by, be back on Friday for a little wintery fun = )


Friday, February 12, 2016

Shop Talk: Handmade Birthday Invitations- For A Very Special Birthday!

Hello! Today I wanted to share a very special custom invitation order. My father just turned 70 and my family is throwing him a little dinner party. Of course, such an occasion needed a pretty party invitation! Are you throwing a special birthday party? I can create something similar just for you. Shoot me an email ( to start a custom order.

I used the two free fonts: Manhattan Darling and Cerbetica. I added the gold foil edge to a small piece of floral paper. 

To make the envelopes extra special I addressed them with my new favorite gold pen and sealed them with a bit of gold washi tape. The envelope is the first thing the recipient sees, it should reflect the theme and mood of the occasion it is representing, don't you think?

Thanks for stopping by. If you are planning a special event I can help take the work out of the invitation process- creating a custom invitation, addressing/mailing, organizing RSVP's - I'm here to help! 

Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

DIY Emoji Valentines + A FREE Download!

Emoji Handmade Valentine Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

Hello lovers....welcome back! 
Today I wanted to share an easy Valentine idea if you are a card maker and offer you the FREE DOWNLOAD version if you are not. Happy mail should be for everyone! 

I recently added a bunch of handmade Valentine's cards to my Etsy shop. But, I needed to make something special to send to my nieces and nephews. I have had this stamp set from A Beautiful Mess on my desk for a month with just this card idea in mind. I'm offering it to you, sweet readers to download and print at home. Scroll to the bottom of the post to get the link...or read along to see how I did it and make your own! 

Emoji Handmade Valentine Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

   Step 1: Download Lillybee's free font, or find a similar pretty font for the sentiment (aka message).
   Step 2: Open a doc in MS Word, Landscape Orientation , narrow margins and 2 columns.
   Step 3: add the sentiment to bottom of first column, then bottom of second column.
   Step 4: Print out on thicker white paper and trim! If you trim the paper right at the half way point      (5.5")  then your message should be perfectly centered.
   Step 5 : Add your favorite emojis from this set, allow ink to dry, then color with your favorite    crayon, marker, highlighter, pencil, etc.
   Step 6: Fold, send and accept ALL the credit for coming up with something so clever!  ( I won't tell    a soul)

Easy peasy, seriously you can make something SO cute. But if you are not interested in making it from scratch- I've got you covered! 

Emoji Stamp Valentines Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

CLICK HERE to download either the PDF or JPEG version of these cards.  Just download the file and open in your favorite photo or word program. Make sure to print at: full page, no border, actual size, 8 1/2 x 11.  Then, do me a favor- snap a pic and tag it #happymailisthebestmail or tag @hotwheelsandglueguns on social media- I would LOVE to see where you sent your happy mail!

Looking for MORE ideas for easy Valentine's Day cards? I did a post HERE and HERE a few years ago.

Thanks for stopping by. If you are looking for more Valentine's cards, I just added a big group of them to my shop HERE

Have a great weekend!
(insert smoochy face emoji here)


Monday, February 1, 2016

Pocket Page Scrapbook Page- Family Weekend

Hello! Today I wanted to share an idea I had to add pictures to my scrapbook, while working within a few limitations. I had this great set of photos from the 10th anniversary part for my dad and his wife.  I wanted to give them the special treatment, but I also had the back page of my August monthly spread blank. For my yearly scrapbook, I mix Project Life pocket pages and full 12x12 spreads. (more on THAT soon) I decided to make a full page layout, but format it to fit into the PL style page protector. I'm going to give you a few instructions so you can try this at home, but if you are interested in a more detailed tutorial-leave a comment! 

When planning my layout I thought about the page in two halves. The left side was just photos. I put that great pic of my nephews in the center, because I knew I could cut that in half and not lose any important faces. The right hand side took a little more thought. I laid out the background piece and a portion of this great floral paper (paper is actually black and white, but I added watercolor!). I had this one great pic of my grandmother with my oldest niece and nephew so I moved the two around until I found a position that would be pleasing overall, but would allow me to cut it apart without (again) losing anything important. To help me along I used an empty PL page protector as a visual (just by laying it on top to see where the lines would fall). Then I glued down the picture, floral paper and the cute words tags from Elles Studio. Then I took the whole thing to my paper cutter and CAREFULLY made the cuts I needed. I cut it into 3 4x6 pieces, then cut the center piece into 2-3x4's (again, I realize this is a lot of details, if you want more-leave a comment!). I rounded the corners of each pieces-something I did not really want to do, but the PL cards on the other side are already rounded, so I wanted them to match (sidenote -Dear Project Life peeps- please start selling your products with STRAIGHT CORNERS) I slipped each piece into their respective pockets and marveled at my brilliance ; ) . One last step-I added those foams stickers to the top of the plastic page protector-the adhesive is pretty strong and I didn't want to mess with lining them up in all the pockets. The fact that they run across the the page help to tie the two halves together. 

There you go! This kind of page requires a little more planning, but I am moving towards pairing down the size of my scrapbooks, this solution allowed me to give my photos the special treatment without adding the bulk of another page.

I linked the products I used below so you can see what I used-I hope you will try this in our own scrapbook! Leave a comment if you have any questions or you need more details = )

Be back soon,