Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some Might Call Them Timewasters....

ETA: hello, pictures? WHy the heck can't I get Blogger to load and display my pictures. Tried from Picasa and right from my computer, but tinly one that is showing is from Flickr. Any suggestions? I would love to hear them! = D

I call them productive creative inspiration. Time well spent-so there!!

I have been introduced to a host of new blogs, websites, and TV shows.Thought I would share them here in hopes something might strike your fancy. Enjoy!

I can't remember if I shared this yet, but my beloved Canon Powershot is on it's last flash. It is such a great camera, but one too many bounces on the pavement seemed to have killed her. I can still take pictures, but only in natural light. Without a flash-kind of limiting. So, I am planning and scheming for my next purchase. I like the Canon so much, I think I might stay there. Maybe this one or this one.

I am only an amateur clicker, but I love reading and learning more about the topic. A few new sites I have seen around.

Photojojo: The want to put the fun back in photography. I love the fun little gadgets they sell and the ideas they send in their newletter for ways you can boost the jojo on your own camera.

Flickr Maps: Did you know there is a way to find lovely places right in your own community to take pictures? Uploaded pictures from your zip code are organized on this database. What a fun way to find a new place for a photo shoot?

Smitten Photo and Design: my cousin Jen has a photography business, and she has a great blog here. Check it out, there are lots of great shares, tips, and inspiration for photography!

I have stumbled upon a few blogs and sites that have great ideas for all sorts of crafty needs

Paperclipping Roundtable: I may have mentioned it already, but I look forward to this every week. Each episode features people in the scrapbook industry and the topics range from how to store your photos to how to collect your memories if you are not a 'scrapbooker'. And, they just started a Digi Roundtable. It is all about the technical side of scrapbooking. Even for a non-Photoshop owning newbie like me, it is very interesting. I even got one of my questions answered on their show post. I learned how to use Microsoft Word to jazz up my photos! I was super excited about this! (I will share what I learned soon). Seriously, I download them to my IPod EVERY week and they get me through long drives and boring workouts!!

Smile And Wave: Rachel Denbow's blog was a random discovery a few years ago, and I seem to go there every day. She is a stay at home crafty mama who shares tutorials, inspiration, and very funny stories. I am going to make these very soon.
Summer Time Pom Poms

Dear Lizzy: a blog from CK contributor Elizabeth Kartchner. Not only does she share ideas for scrapbooking, but fun sewing projects, and her photography is amazing. I learn alot by studying he photos. Another daily read

{IPod Touch Apps}
I am going to say it- I love my IPod Touch. The story behind it, well...I told myself I would NEVER pay $200 for an IPod. I was going to Target to replace my SHUFFLE....ahem....somehow the Touch came home with me. However, she is jazzy and fun and I love her. I just wish she had a camera like the IPhone. (grrrr)

One of the many things I love about her: the apps. I have found SO MANY fun, and yes, timewasting, apps on ITunes. Here are a few of my favorites. You can find them all here:

Drag Paper: the point is to unroll the t.p. as fast as possible. For some reason, this is HIGHLY addictive. If you have kids-get this. It is an excellent way to kill a few minutes in line or waiting for a meeting, etc. Most of my friends have tried to break the high score.

Scramble 2: I love word games. Scramble is like Boggle, a timed game you can play with a partner, alone or online against other people. I am awesome at this game.

Fortune Ball: It's a virtual Magic 8 Ball. This guy has helped me with many many decisions. = D

Cardstar: Whoever invented this is a genius, I want to kiss them. This little app (which, did I mention, is free!) makes it so you don't have to carry around all of those stupid frequent buyer tags on your keychain. Seriously. It has a database of thousands of stores, or you can enter your own local businesses (like the library). You enter your barcode number and it creates a bar code just like on the tag. Then all you do when you shopping is show the cashier the screen and they scan it! I know!

You can thank me now, or thank me later.....or you can blame me when your boss catches you playing Drag Paper ; P


Monday, June 21, 2010

Allow Me To Tell You A Little About...

My friend Connor Anthony. He turned nine months old on Saturday.

Connorinaplaything 6-20-2010 5-51-02 AM

He hails from Maumee, Ohio. He recently grew himself a couple of teeth.

Connor 6-19-2010 4-09-57 AM

That means that he can now enjoy a little cereal, pureed fruit, and pretty much anything else he can put in his mouth.

MeConnor 6-19-2010 3-57-38 AM

However, he still enjoys the occasional bottle. Old habits die hard.

Connorinahat 6-19-2010 4-39-13 AM

He is a budding sports fan. He is innocent enough to believe the Reds really has it this year.

Let's hope he's right.

Connorinthechair 6-19-2010 4-46-51 AM

He enjoys long walks on the beach-in his stroller, and a cruise around the living room in Aunt Michelle's ride.

Connorandtheipod 6-19-2010 4-41-15 AM

He is already well versed in the world of technology.

You should also know that he loves tickles, tummy munches, naked time, rolling over,standing, pretending to walk, and squealing. Very loud. When he is happy, it is the best sound in the world. When he is not happy....well......

I learned much about my friend this weekend as we had a long weekend of getting to know each other in Cincinnati. I hope to learn much more about him in the future.

DadConner 6-19-2010 4-09-41 AM

I've grown kind of fond of him.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

To My Brother On His Very 'Pecial Day!

Because I wanted to make him feel special (and I forgot to get him a card), I thought I would share a few favorite things about my big brother:

-he can cook.anything.perfectly. Seriously, he could grill duct tape and cilantro and you would swear it was the best dish you have ever tasted.
- he is laugh out loud funny. He has a way of imitating animals and telling stories that makes you laugh out loud. (even if you are the little sister who is the subject of this story)
- he is very smart. We do not always agree about the ways of the world, but he always makes a good argument, and he doesn't mind listening to other people's opinions. And, he doesn't judge them. He actually listens. Alot of people could learn from that.
- How many people can you say saved all their money (since college) and own their dream house at the tender age of 40? Not many, but my brother did just that. He owns a lakehouse on Rough River that he loves and dreamed of owning since he was very young.

So, anyway, enough gushing. I am so proud of him and I want everyone to leave him a little love for his big birthday!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Freshman Journal

Seems like I am in need of many little gifts this time of year....weddings, birthdays, graduations, know what I mean. I came up with this idea last year for a friend who graduated from high school. She is an occasional scrapbooker, and I thought she might like a place to record a few special memories from that awesome first year of college! I didn't take any pictures (that I could find) of that one, but this month I had another new college freshman, and I made another freshman journal. The bones were pretty basic: a page to collect list of things from the first year of college, plus space for a few pictures.

My pages were titled:
- my dorm room
- my classes
- 10 top things I love about college
- waiting for me at home (a place for a family pic)
- college friends

The pages are a made from a mix of papers from Sassafrass Lass, stickers from American Crafts and My Little Shoebox, and a die cut or two from Teresa Collins. The book is from RIP Scenic Route. I put a link to all the available products in the side bar. The mini book is a particular favorite because instead of blank white pages it looks like graph paper, which fits perfectly with the theme and gives a great background for journalling!

I used the same kind of idea for a couple who were engaged. You could use it for someone who is moving, or taking an internship, or for lots of occasions! Hope this inspires you to try it for yourself! Thanks for stopping by!