Monday, November 30, 2009

My Thanksgiving in 5 Photos

My weekend was...
Great food with the fam
Berry Cobbler Pictures, Images and Photos
A little shopping (some online, some in person, mostly gifts...a few for me!)

C+C's baptism

a smidge too much driving

even more family time

In the interest of honesty, I will tell you that I totally stole this idea from Lain Ehmann's blog and that most of the photos are from Photobucket. I spent a LOT of time eating and socializing, not taking pictures!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, November 20, 2009

I Believe in Love

Feeling all swoony today. Guess love will do that to you. Life is pretty good in Bazeleyland.
The Only Magic I Believe In is Love
Hope you are having a great Friday!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Free Fun Friday-the Monday Edition

Hello Bloggy friends. I had this post all ready to go, but then my computer crashed (grrr...virus!) and I had to wait to get to work on Monday. Still had a great weekend, hope you did too!

For this edition of free fun, I found some great free printables for Christmas. I am sure I will find many more, but here are a few to enjoy. If you are not familiar with printables, they are usually pretty simple files that you can print out on a color printer right at home! The exception is Becky Higgins Christmas card freebie. I believe that is a file you put over your photo in a program like photoshop, then send to a printing service.

Becky Higgins recently 'retired' from her job at Creating Keepsakes. She has designed a really cool new kit called Project Life. It would be a great starter kit for anyone thinking of getting into scrapbooking, but is hesitant to buy 'all the stuff'. Really cool kit, check it out here.

To celebrate the sale of her kit, she has designed free holiday card templates. So cute!

Find the download here


Cool project download for making a spool advent calendar. Find it here.

This website has TONS of free printables: Cards, tags, labels. Take a few minutes and click around. Here are the Christmas tags:

You can find the Holiday Printables here.

I am all jazzed about decorating for Christmas very soon. I am in the spirit early this year!

Friday, November 6, 2009

What's On Your Wish List?

Halloween is over and now my head is filling with thoughts of the holidays. I love them for many reasons.

#1 The only time of year I get to see my ENTIRE family (rare fun)
#2 My Birthday ; )
#3 Parties and party clothes
#4 Fun holiday decorations
#5 My Birthday
#6 Christmas/Birthday Wish Lists

Yea, I am 32 years old, but I can still dream of things I would like to see under the Christmas tree. As my Dad says, 'It's just in case Santa is never know'.

This past week I have red my wish lists from my bloggy friends, and it got my inspired to dream a little for myself. And, just in case you find yourself to shop for one or two, I would humbly accept any of them ; )

Seriously, kidding, just wanted to share a few things on my mind as of late.

1. Push. Inspired the film Precious, which I am very much looking forward to seeing. I hear the book is very good.

Push by Sapphire

2. 52 Scrapbook Challenges

Creating Keepsakes

3. The Lost Symbol-Dan Brown

4. American On Purpose-Craig Ferguson. If this book is half as funny as his show....oh man.

1. iPod Touch. I have absolutely no need for this, but I have to admit, it looks so cool! I need to buy a new GPS for my car, and I was actually trying to justify buying one of these because you can download a GPS app.

HA! Good logic, huh?

2. TiVo for people who don't have cable. No, not a VCR (which I own, but cannot get to work since I switched to DTV...grrr). I want to be able to record shows that come on while I am at work and watch them when I have time. I mean really. Just because I don't want to pay money for cable doesn't mean I don't have my own 'free tv' obsessions!

3. Instamax Camera.

It takes instant pictures like a Polaroid, and it takes fun pictures like this:

(photo from

1. Corner Chomper. This beauty rounds the corners on just about anything. Think off all the lovely, rounded edges for minibooks, home decor, etc I could have if the BIG GUY would just bring me a Corner Chomper! Sigh.

2. Provo Craft Letterpress. O-F-U-N!!! This is a personal system for making all those cool letter press pieces you see out there. I could make posters, cards, stationary.

3. a pattern for making cute hats

Seriously, I may not be able to wait for this one, because the TWINS may need them for their first winter. I mean, you can only dress them up like this when they are babies, right? Too cute.

4. a year's subscription to Studio Calico. I broke the piggy bank and bought their November Kit Marketplace. I am in love.

1. This bed from IKEA. I am seriously over having a full sized bed and my mattress feels like it is about a million years old. If HE wanted to deliver it with a thick, soft Temperpedic mattress, I have be so so grateful

2. One of these a week.

Chai Tea Latte and Cranberry Bliss bar from Starbucks.

3. One of these a week. If coupled with the above, would be a perfect little treat each week.

4. Two tickets here. I will bring the cafe au lait and the croissant. Pretty please?

OK, that's my list. Always changing and subject to cancellation, but just putting it out there. Just in case.

What's on your wish list this year? I would love to hear what my friends are hoping for!!