Monday, October 25, 2010

I Want to Cover the World In Glow-in-the-Dark Glitter

Hello there witches and goblins.....this weekend is the big finale to one of my favorite holidays. Sad to see it over for another year, but I have definitely made the most of the season. I have taken LOTS of pictures of my Halloween activities-more on that soon. For today, I thought I would share a little of the spooktacular craftiness that has happened in my apartment this month. Hopefully you will find something that interests you to use next year!

I have never been interested in making my own Christmas cards, but I do enjoy making a few Halloween cards to send out to my favorites. Too many cute papers, jokes, stamps out there to pass up. I only make about 20, that's about my limit before it starts to feel like work.HA!

I used the same basic design, but I mixed up the papers and embellishments-keepin' it interesting for me. All the cards used my favorite lil skully girl-a stamp from a few years ago, not sure who made it. The October 31 is from the free digi kit I talked about here. Just opened that element in MS Word and printed a page full.

This set was made with papers that were included in the Elles Studio Trick or Treat banner. Black, silver and purple are by far my favorite Halloween colors!

If you look closely you can see that my lil skully girl is very sparkly. I stamped her, then used two different embossing powders: black for the face and black glitter for the bow. I so love the way that looks, but I was decidedly less excited about it around card 15. ha. Anyhoo, what I really jazzed about is the fact that I filled her lil face in with glow in the dark glitter. I know! I bought a jar at Michael's and seriously had to stop myself from covering everything in it. Glow in the dark glitter makes EVERYTHING better, if you ask me.

I went a little nutso with these this year, but they were so fun to make, I couldn't stop myself!
banner #1:
This is my front door. I made this banner using the aforementioned Elles Studio banner and few a papers I had in my stash that I LOVE. like this one. I am in love with this banner, I will be seriously sad when I have to take it down.I printed out the letters, then covered them with glow-in-the-dark glitter. Too bad the effect is ruined by the fact that my door does not get enough light to make it glow. Bummer.
A little tip: The ruffle behind the 'OR' was made by spraying coffee filters with Glimmer Mist. SO EASY and worked really well.

Succotash thinks our door is VERY spooky and VERY awesome.
banner #2:

Used most of the Elles Studio kit, with a few scraps of my own paper mixed in, strung on ribbon.

and a glow in the dark spider for good measure

banner #3- made with some brighter Halloween paper I had left over from last year. This banner was supposed to be more cutesy/less spooky since it was made for two little treats in Ohio who may be to young to be spooked just yet ; ).

See, bright and fun...and covered with glow in the dark glitter

banner #4- this was a new technique for me. I wanted to make a second present for the babies and I have wanted to try making this kind of garland. Basically I die cut a bunch of shapes from my Silhouette and gathered a bag of silk leaves. Then I fed one after the other into my sewing machine and just stitched them together. It was actually easier than I thought it would be. If you want to try this yourself, I have two tips: sew slowly and lengthen your stitches. Both help the random pieces go thru smoothly. I got the idea from Elizabeth Kartchner's blog. She has a tutorial on this kind of garland (she even added playing cards to hers, what an awesome idea!)

ACK! I still get excited at how fun this is and how well it turned out. And, I detailed the eyes of the ghosts and skulls with you know what....

This lovely little number was made by my more-than-regular-crafty friend Alicia during our girls weekend. I am in love with it, I might steal it next time I am at her house ; ). I wanted to share it because it was so fun to watch her make it and you could totally do this yourself. Just a blank canvas painted in black paint and add stickers, die cuts, ribbon-whatever you find at the craft store that you like.

That's about it around here....what's on your agenda for Halloween? I have two partied to juggle after I take a day trip to Brown Cty, IN. Sunday I am working on getting myself invited over to watch trick or treaters. There are none in my neighborhood, so I have to go elsewhere.

Boo to you!!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flame Free Confessions

(an expression my SIL uses. It means you can say whatever is on your mind, and noone can judge you for it. We have a LOT of flame-free conversation late at night ; )

Here's my list:

+ I don't really like talking on the phone. I do it because I have to. I really prefer seeing people in person.

+I hate onions. Always have. I don;t even know how to slice or cook one. When I was younger I picked them out of EVERYTHING (even spaghetti sauce), much to my mother's chagrin. I would do that now, if I thought I could away with it.

+ When I wash my sheets I am too lazy to make up the bed again, so I sleep on my mattress. That's lazy with intent-ha!

+ Speaking of my bed. I have been known on occasion to take a two hour nap. During the week, just because I can and I love napping. lazy.

+ When I clean up my dining room table and my living room I have an irresistible urge to get out my crafty stuff and make it messy again.
+ Sometimes my car gets atrocious. Like empty coffee cups, papers, the whole mess. I HATE cleaning out my car, but I LOVE how it looks when it clean.

+ I wish I had a case manager to make appointments, make decisions, generally run my life (sometimes). Being an adult can exhausting.

+ I get tickled at inappropriate times and can't help but laugh. Like at funerals. Or the zoo.

+ I tend to be really blunt and I don't think that people she get mad at me for saying what I think, but they do. I wish I was a better arguer. I just think I am right and people should agree with me. And I wish I could get people to do what I want all of the time.

+ My coworkers are hilarious and I love them.

+ I already have a Christmas wish list, and I feel kind of childish that I do. Is it selfish to get excited about getting presents? I hope not.

+ I also already know what I want to do on my birthday, which is two months away. Selfish.

+ I can be really cheap. I don't have cable. And I don't pay for the Internet. I 'borrow' it from someone who has a wireless signal in my building.

Whew, that is a long list. Are you judging me? ; )

OK, your turn. Fess up. I want each of you to leave me a comment with one confession. I need your dirt to make me feel better about mine-lol.

Thanks for playing along!


p.s. This post is dedicated to AnnMarie, the creator of the FFC

Monday, October 18, 2010

Truth Be Told

Inspired by this post.

+I am starting a new position at work. This is nerve-wracking, inspiring,exciting, and 'cominglikeafreighttrain' all at the same time.
+ I am going back to Europe next year. I am ridiculously excited about this.
+ I am slightly grossed out by the amount of spiders and balls of cat hair I am finding recently in my apartment
+ I paying off my student loan this week. This is helping with the ‘Iwillneverbeoutofdebt’ feeling. Thank you Dave Ramsey!

+I am soooo tempted to forget about getting out of debt and just buy a bigger place already.

+This week is ridiculously busy. And FULL of driving. And a little overwhelming. When I feel this way I want to take a nap instead.
+ I love seeing my family. I love my Grandmother. I am fearful of losing her and sometimes it makes me cry. This leads to me thinking about my mother, who would have been the worlds best Grandma, but she never got the chance. Sigh.
+I think I should keep my apartment cleaner, in case I die. I would be so embarrassed for people to come into my apartment and see how messy it usually is.
+ Right now my dining room table is all cleaned off and my crafty stuff is put away. I am resisting the urge to get it all out again. Apparently having a messy apartment does'nt bother me until I die.
+ Sometimes I get really frustrated with being in a wheelchair. When it breaks. When people block my car door. When I come up to yet another building that has stairs and no ramp. Or someone comes up to me at the grocery store and tells me how great I am doing. I have to resist the urge to roll my eyes at them.

Succotash is not helping in the 'tidyuptheapartment' effort. It's going to be one of those weeks. Ooh, it feels good to vent sometimes, right? Thanks for listening.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

(Partially) Free Fun Friday

Hello Spooky Blogger Friends....

I am in full on Halloween mode, and I am having too much fun (and paying way too much money) getting my apartment spook ready. I have lots of crafty projects in the works, more on that later. This Friday I want to pass on some of the BEST Halloween themed products floating around out there for you to enjoy. Most are free, but I found a couple that are too cute to pass on.

Have a looksie:

{Elle's Studio Banner}

I alluded to this in my last post. I am making three of these little babies: one for me and the other two are going to other happy homes. By purchasing it at you get access to all the letters and background papers you need to make the banner in a download, which you can print at home. I actually printed one and then took it to get color copied at Kinko's. You could print multiple copies at home, but that can be pretty hard on a home printer and your ink supply ; ). After printing, you just cut and assemble as you like! It retails for $4.99 here.

{Halloween Fonts and Dingbats}

I love fonts. ESPECIALLY free fonts! is a wealth of free fonts for lots of uses, and I found a couple of extra-scary ones that I am using for my projects this year. True Type fonts and dingbats can be cut on my Silhouette (and I think you can use Cricut Design Studio to cut them on you bug), which gives them even more uses!

12 Halloween Sign (I couldn't find an image to add for this file, but click the link and you can see for yourself!

(how cute would this be cut out in vinyl and put on a mirror?)

(background papers} has some FABULOUS ideas for Halloween! Last year I found this set of patterned papers. I used one of the papers for this card I shared last week:

{Free Digital Kit}This kit is FULL of fun bits and pieces you can use for cards, or banners, or even scrapping your pictures!

Jenn Allyson offered this free Halloween digital kit. I couldn't find a direct link, so I added it here: halloweenkit2010
Just to be clear, I did not make this kit. But it was a freebie, so I think it safe to pass it along. Please head over to The and thank her if you use it!!
Hope you have a spooky weekend!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

World Card Making Day-and my new Celebrity Crush

Howdy there!

This weekend has been lovely for many reasons-beautiful weather, a stack of DVD's, and a list of projects to get my hands on. Today also happens to be World Card Making Day-one day that many many crafty blogs are buzzing with creative ideas. My non-scrappy friends might be laughing, just a little bit, but you won't be laughing when you get some of this happy mail in your mail box! ha!

The Studio Calico blog had a few challenges that really started the ideas flowing. I made three cards using their prompts in addition to two of my favorite challenge sites. Have a looksey:

{#1: Create a card using the following sketch}

and here's my card. I made it for my cousin who is getting married in two weeks!

supplies: patterned paper: Bo Bunny and OA, brads, stamp: K&Co.

{#2: Create a card using leftover scraps from a SC kit+CPS Challenge 186}

The sketch:

And here's a lovely little baby card for another cousin who is due any minute. We don't know if it is a boy or girl, so I tried to keep the colors balanced. I used lots of lovely leftovers from last month's Back 40 add on kit.

{#3: Create a card using one or more of SC stamps}

I love this telephone stamp. I have used it so many times, and I think it goes perfectly with the good news sentiment (that is super old, I have no idea who makes it). I also used Versamark and the ledger dot stamp to create the background, but you cannot see that in this crummy picture. Sorry! But, I didn't finish these until late, so no natural light! The paper tape is Pink Paislee.

The last little project is still in progress.....but it involves this little number I bought at and some Martha Stewart glow-in-the-dark glitter:

And, who is getting my thru this long day of new celebrity crush

I am smack in the middle of Season 2 of Fringe. It's offical, I love him. And his show. And Dr. Walter Bishop. = )



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Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 5: Shaped Cards

Thanks for coming back for the last day of the Great Stamp Swap of 2010! The share for the last day was my idea, because I want to start using some of the wonderful shapes availible on my Silohuette. I have downloaded a few card kits, but I wanted to try and make my own card. This little girl is my first attempt, admittedly not perfect, but a good try none the less. Check it out:
{My card}
I welded a bracket frame to a rectangle and got this shape. The friends background is a free digi kit Hero Arts offered at at Two Peas here. I opened it in MS Word (using the tips I talked about here) and printed it out on my printer. Then I die cut it into a smaller bracket shape on my SIL. Love how that looked. I inked it a little with Distress Ink to make it pop, added a couple of flowers (layered) and, of course, a little bling. The inside says "thank you for your fiendship", another HA stamp. (note to self: do not use white core cardstock, even if you love the color, because you will see the core. hmpff.)
{Nicky's card}

Check out how she made this little cutie on her blog.
I'm off to the Lakehouse for a girl's scrapbook weekend. So excited! What's on your agenda this weekend?
Later, Michelle
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 4:Three Flowers

Um, hello? Is it really 10:oo? Where have I been all day! My apologies for being so late with this post. Busy busy today!!

Without further ado, today's stamp:

So, pretty. I bought this stamp over a year ago and it has been all different colors. However, I have NEVER thought to use it the way Nicky did, genius! Wait till you see what she did!

{My card}

I think I am still mourning the end of summer. Couldn't resist the urge to color the flower pretty pretty colors. The inspiration for the design came from this weeks 2Sketches4U Challenge. Sentiment is also from HA. (tip: I only own one Copic purple marker. To get the light shade,m I used the tip to tip technique. Basically, I touched the tip of the purple marker to the colorless blender and then colored with THAT marker. Gave me a nice, lighter shade.)

{Nicky's card}

Love love love the paper layers here! And those colors are so pretty together! She talks alot more about how she put it together on her blog. Go over there and show her some love.

Tomorrow, actually a few hours from now-day 5! The last day of our stamp swap, you don't want to miss it!



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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 2: Boo to You!

Happy Hump Day! Are you ready for something spooky? I am seriously getting into the Halloween spirit. Have you been on Soooo many great ideas! Love that she loves my favorite holiday.

{Day 2: Owl-oween)
My card:

(other supplies: background, frame-K&Co, brads)
This guy was a lot of fun to put together! If it didn't take so long, this would totally be a card I would make for my friends this year. The background is a digital paper I got from Paper Crave. I have been waiting to use it forever.The rest is just stamping and coloring and inking. I was trying to make the owls look like they are from the painting American Gothic. Can you tell ;)

Nicky's card:
I am in love with that cute ghosty! Don't forget to go over to Nicky's blog and check out her post
for today!!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hola! Happy Hump Day!

I am sooo ready for the weekend, I have a nice crafty weekend planned. But enough about me, on to the next card!

{Day 3:Owl Christmas}

Can you tell I am OWL crazy? For those of you who don't know, I run a kids group called OWL, and when I see something crafty with an owl on it, I can't resist!

I have to add, this card was fun to make, but I have an aversion to starting any Christmas projects this early. Call me traditional-I don't think I should start working on Christmas until after

Now that I had so much fun making this card..hmmmm...maybe I can change my position ; )

Take a looksie:

{My card}:
I think those Owls are so adorable!! This is a lager sized card, so I will have to be extra careful to pick the right recipient. How did I put it together? I took some inspiration from last week's 2Sketches4U challenge, and just simple after that: stamped, colored, and cardstock layers. The white background piece is a scrap of Basic Grey's basic paper that I had left over.

{Nicky's card}

So adorable! Her gift bags are making my cards look plain jane! lol I love that we used totally different pieces of the stamp set, thus creating two totally different projects.

Head over to Nicky's blog so you can see how she put his together.

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