I Want to Cover the World In Glow-in-the-Dark Glitter

Hello there witches and goblins.....this weekend is the big finale to one of my favorite holidays. Sad to see it over for another year, but I have definitely made the most of the season. I have taken LOTS of pictures of my Halloween activities-more on that soon. For today, I thought I would share a little of the spooktacular craftiness that has happened in my apartment this month. Hopefully you will find something that interests you to use next year!

I have never been interested in making my own Christmas cards, but I do enjoy making a few Halloween cards to send out to my favorites. Too many cute papers, jokes, stamps out there to pass up. I only make about 20, that's about my limit before it starts to feel like work.HA!

I used the same basic design, but I mixed up the papers and embellishments-keepin' it interesting for me. All the cards used my favorite lil skully girl-a stamp from a few years ago, not sure who made it. The October 31 is from the free digi kit I talked about here. Just opened that element in MS Word and printed a page full.

This set was made with papers that were included in the Elles Studio Trick or Treat banner. Black, silver and purple are by far my favorite Halloween colors!

If you look closely you can see that my lil skully girl is very sparkly. I stamped her, then used two different embossing powders: black for the face and black glitter for the bow. I so love the way that looks, but I was decidedly less excited about it around card 15. ha. Anyhoo, what I really jazzed about is the fact that I filled her lil face in with glow in the dark glitter. I know! I bought a jar at Michael's and seriously had to stop myself from covering everything in it. Glow in the dark glitter makes EVERYTHING better, if you ask me.

I went a little nutso with these this year, but they were so fun to make, I couldn't stop myself!
banner #1:
This is my front door. I made this banner using the aforementioned Elles Studio banner and few a papers I had in my stash that I LOVE. like this one. I am in love with this banner, I will be seriously sad when I have to take it down.I printed out the letters, then covered them with glow-in-the-dark glitter. Too bad the effect is ruined by the fact that my door does not get enough light to make it glow. Bummer.
A little tip: The ruffle behind the 'OR' was made by spraying coffee filters with Glimmer Mist. SO EASY and worked really well.

Succotash thinks our door is VERY spooky and VERY awesome.
banner #2:

Used most of the Elles Studio kit, with a few scraps of my own paper mixed in, strung on ribbon.

and a glow in the dark spider for good measure

banner #3- made with some brighter Halloween paper I had left over from last year. This banner was supposed to be more cutesy/less spooky since it was made for two little treats in Ohio who may be to young to be spooked just yet ; ).

See, bright and fun...and covered with glow in the dark glitter

banner #4- this was a new technique for me. I wanted to make a second present for the babies and I have wanted to try making this kind of garland. Basically I die cut a bunch of shapes from my Silhouette and gathered a bag of silk leaves. Then I fed one after the other into my sewing machine and just stitched them together. It was actually easier than I thought it would be. If you want to try this yourself, I have two tips: sew slowly and lengthen your stitches. Both help the random pieces go thru smoothly. I got the idea from Elizabeth Kartchner's blog. She has a tutorial on this kind of garland (she even added playing cards to hers, what an awesome idea!)

ACK! I still get excited at how fun this is and how well it turned out. And, I detailed the eyes of the ghosts and skulls with you know what....

This lovely little number was made by my more-than-regular-crafty friend Alicia during our girls weekend. I am in love with it, I might steal it next time I am at her house ; ). I wanted to share it because it was so fun to watch her make it and you could totally do this yourself. Just a blank canvas painted in black paint and add stickers, die cuts, ribbon-whatever you find at the craft store that you like.

That's about it around here....what's on your agenda for Halloween? I have two partied to juggle after I take a day trip to Brown Cty, IN. Sunday I am working on getting myself invited over to watch trick or treaters. There are none in my neighborhood, so I have to go elsewhere.

Boo to you!!