Truth Be Told

Inspired by this post.

+I am starting a new position at work. This is nerve-wracking, inspiring,exciting, and 'cominglikeafreighttrain' all at the same time.
+ I am going back to Europe next year. I am ridiculously excited about this.
+ I am slightly grossed out by the amount of spiders and balls of cat hair I am finding recently in my apartment
+ I paying off my student loan this week. This is helping with the ‘Iwillneverbeoutofdebt’ feeling. Thank you Dave Ramsey!

+I am soooo tempted to forget about getting out of debt and just buy a bigger place already.

+This week is ridiculously busy. And FULL of driving. And a little overwhelming. When I feel this way I want to take a nap instead.
+ I love seeing my family. I love my Grandmother. I am fearful of losing her and sometimes it makes me cry. This leads to me thinking about my mother, who would have been the worlds best Grandma, but she never got the chance. Sigh.
+I think I should keep my apartment cleaner, in case I die. I would be so embarrassed for people to come into my apartment and see how messy it usually is.
+ Right now my dining room table is all cleaned off and my crafty stuff is put away. I am resisting the urge to get it all out again. Apparently having a messy apartment does'nt bother me until I die.
+ Sometimes I get really frustrated with being in a wheelchair. When it breaks. When people block my car door. When I come up to yet another building that has stairs and no ramp. Or someone comes up to me at the grocery store and tells me how great I am doing. I have to resist the urge to roll my eyes at them.

Succotash is not helping in the 'tidyuptheapartment' effort. It's going to be one of those weeks. Ooh, it feels good to vent sometimes, right? Thanks for listening.

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