DIY Emoji Valentines + A FREE Download!

Emoji Handmade Valentine Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

Hello lovers....welcome back! 
Today I wanted to share an easy Valentine idea if you are a card maker and offer you the FREE DOWNLOAD version if you are not. Happy mail should be for everyone! 

I recently added a bunch of handmade Valentine's cards to my Etsy shop. But, I needed to make something special to send to my nieces and nephews. I have had this stamp set from A Beautiful Mess on my desk for a month with just this card idea in mind. I'm offering it to you, sweet readers to download and print at home. Scroll to the bottom of the post to get the link...or read along to see how I did it and make your own! 

Emoji Handmade Valentine Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

   Step 1: Download Lillybee's free font, or find a similar pretty font for the sentiment (aka message).
   Step 2: Open a doc in MS Word, Landscape Orientation , narrow margins and 2 columns.
   Step 3: add the sentiment to bottom of first column, then bottom of second column.
   Step 4: Print out on thicker white paper and trim! If you trim the paper right at the half way point      (5.5")  then your message should be perfectly centered.
   Step 5 : Add your favorite emojis from this set, allow ink to dry, then color with your favorite    crayon, marker, highlighter, pencil, etc.
   Step 6: Fold, send and accept ALL the credit for coming up with something so clever!  ( I won't tell    a soul)

Easy peasy, seriously you can make something SO cute. But if you are not interested in making it from scratch- I've got you covered! 

Emoji Stamp Valentines Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

CLICK HERE to download either the PDF or JPEG version of these cards.  Just download the file and open in your favorite photo or word program. Make sure to print at: full page, no border, actual size, 8 1/2 x 11.  Then, do me a favor- snap a pic and tag it #happymailisthebestmail or tag @hotwheelsandglueguns on social media- I would LOVE to see where you sent your happy mail!

Looking for MORE ideas for easy Valentine's Day cards? I did a post HERE and HERE a few years ago.

Thanks for stopping by. If you are looking for more Valentine's cards, I just added a big group of them to my shop HERE

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