Shop Talk- Project Life Cards!

Hello! Hope you are having a great week. I wanted to share some exciting new products I have added to my Etsy shop-Pocket Scrapbook cards!

I have a (ahem) wide variety of stamps that I love to use in my scrapbooks. As I talked about before I use a combo of Project Life/Pocket Scrapbook pages and traditional layouts in my books. The past few months I have been making my own 3x4 cards to match certain occasions and make really custom pieces for my yearly scrapbook. I've loved using them so much I made some to share with my awesome customers! 

I have 5 versions currently for sale (NOTE: the last set is a little 'mature', in case young eyes are looking over your shoulder ; ) )

**Please excuse the fuzziness in some of the photos-I had to take these with my iPhone. The listings on my Etsy shop might be a little easier for you- CLICK HERE to see them**

Click! Camera Themed Project Life Cards. Something special about my cards is each and every one is hand stamped! Not computer printed or copied, but stamped with my two little hands. I love the authentic look you get with ink stamping and I think it is more than worth the effort to create each one-I wanted to make something really special for your scrapbook.

food pocket scrapbook cards
Foodie! Sweet and Salty themed Project Life Cards- available in B&W and with COLOR!

I really love of these turned out with the ketchup and mustard accents = )

Days of the Week-Project Life Cards. These would work great if you are participating in A Week In The Life!

Worst Day Ever Project Life Cards. I can tell you these were inspired by a few really bad days.....things I wanted to look back on (and hopefully laugh at? lol)

Here's a little peek at one of my cards at work in a mini book:
handmade pocket scrapbook kit

(sorry- cute babies NOT included with your order ; ) )

Again- you can CLICK HERE to see the entire collection. I can't wait to see people using them in their own scrapbooks-the best part of my job!

I need ideas for future sets-I want to hear from my peeps who work in the Project Life format. What kind of cards would you like to see?

Leave me a comment, I love reading all the feedback!