Homemade Bath Bomb Party Favors

Happy Monday! Last week I shared these invitations I made for my Sister in law's baby shower, today I thought I would share this idea I came up with for party favors. I love love LOVE a bubble bath and I have been a long time fan of the bath bombs from Lush. Thanks to Pintrest I found out they were simple to make and I whipped up a batch! 

I took pictures along the way, if you want to see the original recipe, click over to this post on the Everything Etsy blog! She has a great tutorial all written up, and I decided no need to reinvent the wheel. Today I'll just share my process and things I learned along the way! 

Ingredients: epsom salt, coconut oil, baking soda, sugar glitter, red food coloring, corn starch (from the grocery) citric acid, grapefruit oil (from Whole Foods)

I mixed it all together by hand, until it resembled sand. Sweet smelling sand.

 I added a couple of drops of food color. Not too many (you don't want to dye any bathers! lol)
 You can see how, when properly mixed, it holds shape. Like sand.
 I decided to use my ice cube trays as molds. That way I could wash them after I was done in the dishwasher. To make them a little fancy I sprinkled candy glitter into each cube before adding the mix. Then press them down into molds to get out any air bubbles.

I let them set over night and they were dried out. Here;s what they looked like before I packaged them up with: a mini nail polish, hand cream and gift tag:

Aren't they so cute? And they smelled great-fruity and fresh, but not too 'perfumy' if you know what I mean. I wanted something different for a party favor that wouldn't break the bank, these were perfect! Again, you can see the original tutorial here if you need more direction.

Also, follow me over at Pintrest where you can see more ideas like this.

Cheers to a great week, y'all!