Free Fun Friday- Podcast Junkie (Part Deux)

Holler! It's Friday, peeps. I have a big, long list of projects I want to finish up this weekend, I'm also hoping to fit an outside day in-I have to enjoy this weather while we have it, right? 

Today I am back with another edition of Free Fun Friday (a series I have done here and there when I find something on the interwebs I want to pass along). I am a big podcast junkie (I shared a few favorites from a year ago here). I would rather listen to a podcast while I am drive or am at home doing housework. Music can be good, but, honestly, I get bored with the radio.

 I wanted to pass along a few of my favorites. Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites? All of these are available online and in the iTunes store-BUT, most are local, small companies who survive on donations of fans. I try once a year to send them a few bucks to thank them for providing such entertaining content! 

Jillian Michaels- If you think you know her from The Biggest Loser, this show is totally different. Yes, they talk about fitness, but so much more-relationships, motivation, goal setting. She and her co hosts are really, really funny and I find them very inspiring!

Elise Gets Crafty A new podcast by one of my favorite bloggers! They are short (about 30 mins) and she talks about small business, being an artist, blogging. If you are a work at home mama you will find a lot of relevent info! I'm not, but I like learning more about online business and there is tons of info in each episode!

Bald Move Network- My favorite podcasts tend to be discussions about my favorite tv shows. I discovered this network during my Game of Thrones binge. They are so, so funny! Every single week I listen to their
Game of Thrones Orange is the New Black podcasts. I even listened to one or two episodes of the True Blood cast-and I don't even watch that show!

Pop Culture Happy Hour- If you like hearing intelligent analysis of sometimes not so serious topics-this program is for you. Since I started listening, they have covered topics like: 'when is a movie so bad it's good', 'pop culture punching bags', 'rites of passage' and 'the one hit wonder'. It's kind of the best mix of ear candy and thought provoking. So, so entertaining.

That's it for this edition of Free Fun Friday (you can see other posts in this series here). Please leave a comment with your favorite podcast!