To My Brother On His Very 'Pecial Day!

Because I wanted to make him feel special (and I forgot to get him a card), I thought I would share a few favorite things about my big brother:

-he can cook.anything.perfectly. Seriously, he could grill duct tape and cilantro and you would swear it was the best dish you have ever tasted.
- he is laugh out loud funny. He has a way of imitating animals and telling stories that makes you laugh out loud. (even if you are the little sister who is the subject of this story)
- he is very smart. We do not always agree about the ways of the world, but he always makes a good argument, and he doesn't mind listening to other people's opinions. And, he doesn't judge them. He actually listens. Alot of people could learn from that.
- How many people can you say saved all their money (since college) and own their dream house at the tender age of 40? Not many, but my brother did just that. He owns a lakehouse on Rough River that he loves and dreamed of owning since he was very young.

So, anyway, enough gushing. I am so proud of him and I want everyone to leave him a little love for his big birthday!!