Top Ten Things We Learned From Our Trip to Europe

1. English food is delicious! I had heard otherwise, but every meal I had there was yummy. Even the McDonald’s.
From London

2. Not to sound all un-PC, but: if you are travelling with someone who uses a wheelchair in either Paris or London, you have hit the motherload. We didn’t pay for pretty much anything we did. Versailles was free. All the museums were free to us. We didn’t pay to ride the bus. Seriously, it was awesome (on a side note, I am always available if someone needs a travel partner ; ) ).

3. British pop music is fun and addicting. We couldn't stop watching their version of MTV. I made Tiffany watch this video three times!

4. South Park in French is even funnier than South Park in English.

5. When I spoke French, people understood me and I understood them. Amazing to me, since I haven’t spoken the language in over 10 years. Thank you Madame Flynn!!

6. Crepes for breakfast is ALWAYS a good idea!
7. In both cities we rode the bus-a lot. We learned you can get pretty much anywhere on the city buses. The trains…..well….that is another story.

8. French babies may be the cutest in the world. I heard one young lady, in the CUTEST hat I ever seen- say ‘ne touché pas, ne touché pas’ to her pesky brother and I almost died. And put her in my purse. But I didn’t.
8a. London babies, conversely, are angry and sad all the time. I got some of the most HATEFUL looks from babies on the bus there. I wonder why? Maybe because it is ALWAYS gray and gloomy there? That would put me in a bad mood too.
9. French kings will gild anything. Versailles and the Louvre were ridiculous, in a purely wonderful way. I wish I lived there.
From Paris

From Paris

10. Everything that went wrong on our trip (and there was a LOT that went wrong) ended up being really comical and will always be blamed on the state of Minnesota.

It all started there.
From London

Thanks for staying with me and sharing a few of my favorite Euope memories. I apoligiza for my lack of grammar and stoytelling abilities. I write how I speak..quickly! haha

It was the trip of a lifetime, and I can't wait to go back!