Little Summer Joy Update

Hello, peeps! 

First I want to say thanks to everyone who commented and reached out after my first #1picture1000ishwords post. A lot of emotions I didn't realize I had poured out of one story. That's the power of pictures.

Today I wanted to share an update in my Little Summer Joy album. You might remember my post where I talked about this class I contributed to recently. I had not touched the journal since early June, but last weekend I had a free day so I added a bunch!  (as always, I linked to most of the products I used at the end of the post if you want to find them!)

Little Summer Joy Album - Travel Album - HotWheelsandGlueGuns

My oldest nephew graduated high school this year. My Dad needed a car mate, so off we went to Illinois! We had 5 hours alone to talk and boy did we. Anyone who knows my father knows he LOVES to talk. I got a bunch of material I want to put into a larger scrapbook page, but added a selfie we took here.  Also, can we discuss that MY NEPHEW IS A COLLEGE STUDENT. 

Sorry, I'm yelling. Nothing like a graduation to give you ALL the feelings. 

It's worth noting that I am using an old Kelly Purkey stamp that I LOVE and have used a million times. Get used to seeing it alot ; ) I was inspired to make the ombre background by the lovely Julie and her Instagram post.

Little Summer Joy Album - Travel Album - HotWheelsandGlueGuns

End of June I was in Cincinnati for a work conference. That's my hometown, but when the last day ended early I decided to take a little walk around downtown. I found myself at the Contemporary Arts Center, and it was really inspiring. These giant sculptures are made of fiber, and were part of an exhibit called Passages. They were AMAZING.

I used my Distress Inks to stamp the right hand border and free hand brush the bottom left. I love how they simply compliment the colors of my pictures. I printed out the left hand picture on my home printer and accidentally loaded the printer with copy paper instead of photo paper. I decided to just keep it and added it right into the book (adding the 'just go' stamp). As I edited these pics I realized I forgot to add the date-duh! I went back and added that, just imagine it's there.

Little Summer Joy Album - Travel Album - HotWheelsandGlueGuns

Just an average summer week here. I finally make it to the drive inn. Saw Finding Dory and Independence Day (double feature for the win!). I eat so many caprese salads it warranted a picture. One of my favorite princesses turned 3!

Added a little paper, a little tape and some journalling. Easy Peasy. Also forgot to add the dates- I see a trend.

Little Summer Joy Album - Travel Album - HotWheelsandGlueGuns

The other picture I printed on copy paper on the right. My first LCFC soccer game on the left. Why yes, that is a dinosaur in my soccer picture. No, he is not the mascot. Soccer fans are crazy, y'all.

Little Summer Joy Album - Travel Album - HotWheelsandGlueGuns

One of the lessons in the class challenged me to document some of the little things that made my summer awesome. I had these pictures on my phone and decided to cut them into circles- kind of like pop up thought bubbles on the page! I purposely left lots of space with the intention that I will add more as the summer goes on. 

I free hand painted the title with Distress Inks. Impressed ; ) ? ha! It is SO not perfect, but it is something I want to try more of! That ice cream cone is from my most recent Color Cast Design order (you guys, I have a baggie full of tiny ice cream cones and I love them). I added that skinny washi on the right edge as a pop of color.

Thanks for stopping by! I really am enjoying this summer project. It's not too late to join me - all the class content is on the website, so once you sign up you can work at your own pace. 

Thanks for stopping by! Michelle

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