1 Pictures, 1000ish Words: #1

(20110, Paris Brittney and Tiffany) Notre Dame + berets + skinny cigarettes = the MOST French picture we could take #nailedit

Today I said goodbye to my sweet friend Brittney, who passed away late last week. This picture tells the story of three women on their first trip to Paris.

 This trip was full of mishaps. At one point we LOST Brittney on a train to Versailles (only to meet up with her 30 minutes later). I was stuck in an airport transport chair after my regular wheelchair was destroyed on the flight overseas (that's a story for another Thursday). That one set back made me 90% less mobile than I normally am and made navigating a sometimes frustrating process. The train we wanted to take to see Versailles had a gap of several inches we had to cover with this substandard chair. We literally tried 3-4 times to unsuccessfully board this train because the doors would close before we were able to move my wheelchair into the door. We laughed at how freaking fast these doors were! And none of us knew enough about how the trains worked to find someone to help us. Picture our fifth attempt: Brittney was to jump on the train, then Tiffany would turn my chair around so we could pull it up the gap onto the train. We were ready. We HAD A PLAN.The train pulled up, doors opened, Brittney jumped up, I turned around- and the doors closed. The train took off.  Imagine Brittney’s eyes comically big (we could see them thru the window as she pulled off). A few minutes later Tiffany and I were able to actually get on a train and off we went- crossing out fingers we would find our friend (did I mention I was the only one in the group who spoke any French? Oh yeah). 5 minutes into our ride the doors open at a stop- and Brittney walks in! (Eyes still comically big). She says ‘ What just happened?’ and we proceed to laugh our asses off at the 1,000th absurd thing that we faced on this trip.

This trip should have been a disaster. It should have been horrible, but  some of my favorite memories are from this week in Europe!  Every time I think of Brittney’s face when we finally found her on the train I smile. And I look at this picture and laugh. We set out to take ‘the most touristy, stereotypically French’ picture we could- and we found a shop selling French berets. I took the picture, because I was the only one who couldn’t stop laughing ; )

I am so thankful for these memories on a day like today.  I am thankful for pictures (always). And I am most thankful for my friendship with these women.  I will miss a million things about you, sweet Brittney.  But THANK YOU for being my friend and being a part of the this story.

(This is the first of what I hope will be a regular series where I share a picture and the story it tells. Sometimes I will share them here on the blog, but most Thursdays I will share them on my shop Instagram account- because Throwback Thursdays seems like a good place to share them. Join me over there! )