100 Happy Days (the Update)

A few months ago I took part in an online challenge-100 Happy Days. From March to May (almost)every day I took a random picture and posted it on Instagram. The goal for me was to start seeing the good things happening in my life. I've written before that 2013 was a hard one for me and by March of 2014 I was more than ready to get about the business of being happy. Turns out there is ALOT to be happy about in this life of mine. I am a lucky girl.

In this 100 days:

Many great plays were seen-a really fun Easter weekend with my family - my niece Bridget was born! (and-another new niece or nephew is on the way) - I got a spa day with the girls -  a really fun Derby week was had - I got a new job! - I rode a wave of creative energy - I got thisclose to finishing my bathroom remodel - bought tickets to a really excellent concert - I had lots of great dinner dates with my girlfriends - had a LOT of really great, perfectly average days in between.

I decided to document this little experiment for my scrapbook:

I really enjoyed this challenge. I had a few FB friends who played along and it was really fun to see their pictures as well. What about you, have you ever done a photo a day challenge? I'd love to hop onto another one so leave me a comment!