Checking In On New Years Resolutions

Umm, how is it July already? I feel like this year has just flown by (doesn't everyone say that?) I had a lovely, laid back 4th of July and took the opportunity to check in on the resolutions I shared in this post. In case you're interested (and to motivate myself) I thought I would share my progress here.

1. Finish 3 quilts- not even started. Probably will get into this in the fall (for Christmas gifts)
2. Save a nest egg towards my next trip. Ahem, moving on.......
3. Take a cooking class. Nope
4. Update my Heritage Album. No (this is starting to look bad for me!)
5. Take a new class at the gym. uh-oh
6. Host a goetta brunch. I came close, does that count? (I am so. lame.)
7. Paint something to hang on the wall. YES! I finished that this week, will share soon!
8. Read 6 non fiction books. So far, so good. I've read this one and this one. Going to this one next)
9. Go to a new thrift/antique store. Yes! I went to a new antiques fair in town and will go to another one in Northern KY later this month (I'm such an over achiever ; ) )

10. Take a road trip. I am going to Chicago next weekend! Check.
11. Redo my bathroom. I am working on this one, but holy's been a bear. I'll share a little about that soon.
12. Learn how to make my Grandma's noodles. Not yet

13. Take part in a new Derby event. Check! I went to two, actually.

So far I guess I'm doing alright. Writing this out makes me motivated to get on a couple (like #2 and #3).

How about you? What resolutions have you kept or are you working on?