Pinky Swear

For the new year I made my own list of 'resolutions'. Nothing over the top or life changing, but things I want to accomplish this year:

1. Finish 3 quilts (gifts for people I love)
2. Save (undisclosedamount). I want to start my nest egg for my next big trip.
3. Take a cooking class.
4. Update my Heritage Album, an album I started years ago with family history stuff in it.
5. Take a new class at the gym. And try it more than once.
6. host a goetta brunch
7. Paint/make something to hang on the wall of my condo.
8. Read 6 non-fiction books. Starting with this one
9. Go to a new thrift/antique store in the area.
10. Take a road trip. 
11. Finally redo my bathroom. Something I've wanted since I moved in almost two years ago.
12. Learn how to make my Grandma's noodles.
13. Take part in one new Derby Festival event.

So, there's my goal for this year......out there in cyber space for everyone (ok, 30 or so people) to see! Leave me a comment and share one of your resolutions!