Holiday Gift Ideas for Kiddos and Babies

Hello! It's almost Thanksgiving - do you have your holiday shopping done yet? OR, are you like me and have a list but no actual gifts yet? (please tell me I am not the only one?)

I put together a list of great gift ideas to help you out this year. A mix of things from: Amazon, my little handmade shop and local Louisville handmade friends I have pinned to give to my loved ones. I am a big believer in handmade gifts and supporting local businesses, and I hope you are too. Plus consider supporting some of my friends this year! I am NOT being paid to sell their goodies, they are just people I really like and want to tell you about them. 

This is my second post of the day. I posted a list for families and friends this morning.

1. Personalized Stationery // My Etsy Shop. I have made DOZENS of these superhero notecards since I listed them a year ago. I have made- twin versions, all girl, all boys, you name it. Learning to send a hand written thank you note or pen pal letter is such a great lesson for your little folks! And what kid wouldn't want anything that has their name on it?  Add on the $5 gift bag and they will also get a pencil, stamps and fun envelope seals! 
2. UNICORN ONSIE. Sorry, I'm shouting, but OMG! look how freaking cute these are!! To be honest, I would buy these for my adult friends too. And maybe one for myself ; )
3. Instax Camera. I have had my own instant camera for a few years now and I'm telling you-kids LOVE them. My 7 year old nephews love taking pictures every time I see them. They are super easy to use and you can find the film at alot of stores now. This bundle comes with a carrying case, film and other fun accessories. This listing is just the camera and HERE you can see a really fun folding album they can display their prints in.
4. Art Lab Book. I have given out the Trash This Journal book a few times and it has been pretty popular. This Art Lab looks like a really fun interactive book for kids! 
5. Jackie and Olive is a new Etsy friend. She makes these freaking adorable baby sets, You guys, this sloth fabric is THE CUTEST PRINT I HAVE EVER SEEN. Sorry, I'm shouting again. Cute kid accessories have that affect on me. 
6. Mercidotes // Handmade Doll. My grandma had a set of those Russian nesting dolls, and I had all the fuzzy feelings when I stumbled upon these dolls on Instagram. Imagine my surprise to find out these were made by a Louisville girl! She also makes these really adorable aprons that your cooking friends might like.

Did I help you fill your gift list? I hope so! This was a lot of fun to put together. Like I said earlier, I am not paid by these companies to promote them- I just enjoy sharing things like this. = ) Call me a professional enabler...

I'll be back tomorrow with one last list for those crafty friends in your life! xoxo, Michelle

(please note: I am an Amazon affiliate. If you use one of my shopping links it will take you to the website and I get a small referral fee. I use the money to go back into my website to cover things like hosting costs, and I am not recommending things I wouldn't buy myself.)