Modern Memory Keeping Idea- Travel Journal

Hello, peeps!  Today I wanted to talk about travel journals. Not a 'scrapbooker' you say? Hang with me for a sec, because I really believe this activity can be a fun one for anyone! 

Of course, Pintrest was responsible for introducing me to this form of memory keeping. It combines two of my favorite activities- travel and playing with paper ; ). The idea behind it is to use a paper journal or notebook you can quickly record memories, glue down receipts or other memorabilia and add pictures. 

'BUT I'M NOT A SCRAPBOOKER, MICHELLE!?! First of all, no need to shout ; ) Well, maybe you've just had a new baby, got married, or took a fun vacation? Do you have a stack in a shoebox or an envelope with goodies from Hawaii?The great thing about this system is you don't really NEED anything but a notebook, pen and some glue to put together a fun book of memories! It's an easy and DOABLE one time project if that's all you want! 

I want to talk soon about how a 'newbie' or 'I don't want a new hobby'ist can use a travel journal to preserve a one time group of memories. Today, however, I wanted to share my first ever travel journal spread! I actually made this in the spring- and, oh... there are more. This has been a FUN FUN activity to sneak in when I don't have a ton of time. I had a few supplies I wanted to use and a recent day trip to my hometown of Cincinnati. (have you ever done the hometown tourist thing? I highly recommend it!). I had a few hours free and sat down to make these:

As you can see- I used a fair amount of 'products' on my pages. Don't let that scare you newbies. I did that because I had the stuff and I wanted to play! I could have easily accomplished the same thing with JUST my pictures and a pen.

If you are interested in buying a few beautiful goodies to decorate your pages- I am here to enable you friends. Last Christmas I bought the Carolina Moon and Oddysey kits from Studio Calico, and the colors and patterns were PERFECT. Looks like both are sold out, but I found a few similar things online you could add to your stash! Moleskine Notebook Gold Letter StickersMy favorite black pen The perfectly sized label stickerscamera washi tapeYellow Calendar Washi Tape

An idea you can try: I created a 'pocket' for my ticket by only adhering the sides of my picture. That allows the ticket to slide right behind.

In case you are curious- on my little day trip I checked out the Freedom Center (VERY interesting and had a beautiful quilt I still think about) and had lunch in Over The Rhine. I grew up in Cincy, but had not seen either and I had a free afternoon!

Have you ever tried a travel journal-style project? Are you interested? Do tell!

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Have a great day!