Hot Wheels Derby Fashions

Hello peeps! Just a quick post today to share something new int he shop. In over 10 years of living in Louisville I have learned to love KY Derby time. It's really the two week party before the two minute horse race that is the most fun (for me, anyway). Right now in my Etsy shop you will find a collection of handmade scarves, neckties and bow ties in seven fun Derby themed patterns! 

In addition to the traditional Derby patterns I included one pick pattern (you can see it on the right in the photo above). I made those for Oaks Day! For the non- Kentucky folks, that is the Friday before the Saturday of Derby and tends to be a 'pink' day- so obviously, you need a scarf or tie to wear to the track! This pattern would also work great in October for any breast cancer awareness events you might be involved with. Really, is there any day you can't wear pink? Probably not.

an extreme close up of the bowties. These might be my favorite of the three to make- bowties are fun and just hard enough to make it interesting. And a man in a bowtie? Swoon...

The mint julep pattern is officially my favorite. I snapped a few pics of me wearing a scarf and promptly decided this one belonged in my closet. Luckily, there is more than one available ' )

Each bowtie has a bit of interfacing to help it keep its shape-even after you wash it!

I hit ach tiw with a bit a starch to keep them nice and crisp- because you want to look fresh even when your horse doesn't win. 

Scarves are $20, neck and bow ties are $25 and they all SHIP FREE (insert clapping emoji), but they are in very limited quantities so don't wait! HEAD OVER to the shop to get yours today!