Tips for Tackling a Big Memory Keeping Project (aka How To Make A Scrapbook)

How to Start a Memory Keeping Project-Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

Hello! As part of my Etsy shop I create custom made scrapbook albums for my clients. They are often gifts for loved ones or created to document a special event- like a wedding album or a baby's first year scrapbook. I have done dozens of these albums over the years and along the way I have learned a few tips that make tackling a big memory keeping project a lot easier. Are you thinking of starting your own photo album? Maybe an online photo book or even a traditional scrapbook? Today I thought I would share what I have learned about organizing a large amount of pictures and presenting them in a way that is simple and beautiful. Printing your pictures and actually enjoying them (instead of letting them linger on your memory card) is so important-but it can hard to know where to start! Hopefully today you will learn a few tidbits to make tackling a project a little easier- whether you have never made so much as a photo album before or you are an experienced scrapbooker. Also-at the end I have a few exclusive coupon codes to share to get you started! )

Let's get started! 

How to Start a Memory Keeping Project-Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

1. I like to make a list of 'categories' or pages in my book. That helps me narrow down the highlights of the event or the most important aspects of the subject. For this wedding album- my categories are: Vegas Ceremony, Getting Dressed, Wedding Party, Ceremony, Family Pictures, Reception, and Couples Pictures. (FYI-my clients ROCK and yes, this particular event included a Vegas Ceremony) Sometimes I do a little sketch of what I want the layout to look like or design ideas I have-that's more of a brainstorming thing.

2. Once you have your categories, you can organize your pictures! This can go one of two ways:

      - If you are working with the digital files you could drag/tag your pictures into a folder for each     category. I use Picasa to organize my photo files, so I can create a folder dedicated to the project ('Mat & Bryce Wedding Album'), then create sub folders for each category ('reception', 'family', etc). 
      - Once organized you can either: upload them to print (at an online store like Shutterfly or Persnickety Prints) or begin building your online photo book (also a great product at Shutterfly)
      - Once I have my photos actually printed (if I am doing a paper and glue scrapbook or putting them into a photo album) I use an expanded file thing to separate/organize them (like this one- you can find them at office supply stores). Sometimes if there are a LOT of pictures I add a post it note tag to help me easily see what's what ( I know, fancy)

How to Start a Memory Keeping Project-Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

How to Start a Memory Keeping Project-Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

3. If I am creating a physical scrapbook or photo album I now gather all my supplies. 

For big scrapbook projects I always use:
      - these 12x12 binder albums. They are superior quality for a great price and are big enough to hold a lot of pictures! 
     - You can also fill it with traditional 12x12 scrapbook pages or use these divided page protectors to just slip in all your photo prints (similar to what you think of as a 'photo album')
      - If I need adhesive to stick things down, I love this brand.
      -It's important to look for labels like 'photo safe' and 'acid free' for anything that will come in contact with your photos. I use this fine tip pen for all of my hand journalling.

How to Start a Memory Keeping Project-Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

- I also try to gather all the papers I think I will use and any embellishments I need. I keep them in a super fancy tupperware bowl while I am working. Because they are easy to access but I can also put the top on if I need to step away and I don't want cat paws playing with all the shiny bits.

Starting a Big Scrapbook Project - Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

4. Now you can get started! Working one page at a time thru your memory keeping project Below you can see a better example of the different page protector styles. One the right I added a traditional 12x12 scrapbook page. On the right I used these pocket page protectors to just slide in 6 4x6 pictures. (by the way, curious about this album I keep giving you peeks of? Come back on Friday to see the whole thing)
Starting a Big Scrapbook Project - Hot Wheels and Glue Guns

Are you interested in starting your own memory keeping project? Shutterfly is offering 50 FREE PRINTS to new customers and has great prices on their pre paid plans! << Click that link to go right to the deals page.

I hope this was helpful. Have you ever tackled a big photo project before? What did you do to keep yourself organized? Leave me a comment and I'll share with everybody

Come back on Friday- I'm going to share a great big post on this really special weddinng album! 

See you then,