Easy Halloween Cards

Hey y'all! Just a quick post today to share an idea for easy Halloween cards I made this year to send my friends. Just like these scrapbook layouts I shared on Monday I made it out of paper scraps. I also used a couple of free fonts and bought some fun stickers to add a little flair. (NOTE: non of the links included are affiliate, and I don't get any money for recommending them. Just passing along things I used and loved!)

After I created this notecard set for my Etsy shop I was inspired to send a similar card to my favorite witches. I created a new Word document with 2x3 inch text boxes to hold my sentiment. I used Oswald and Art Brewery, both free fonts. As that printed, I googled 'martini glass' and found a clip art I could use to cut on my Silhouette. That fun glitter paper came from this pack I bought from Michael's and cut perfectly (it was pretty think paper, so I made sure to double cut it). 

- use the ocean that is Google Image and you can find almost anything you want to cut on a digi cutter. Anything that is in a SVG, PNG, JPG can be used. There may be more file types you can use, I'm only familiar with these
-If you want to make a group of similar cards, always think of your paper scraps first! If you are like me you will have a stack of pieces you are saving 'for the right project', 

I needed to make 8 cards, and I was able to use paper left over from cards I had made for my shop. I did buy those fun bat stickers specifically for these cards......because clearly these drinks needed garnish ; )

So, what's your plan for the weekend? Anyone going to a fun Halloween party? Pictures or it didn't happen (Instagram: @hotwheelsandglueguns )

See you next week!