Did you see my post on Monday about photo printing services? Check it out for a couple of special discounts and print some pictures!

Currently I am:

- Feeling very under water work-wise. All good things, just so.many.of.them..... Currently wishing for more than 7 days in a week.

- Watching  and looking forward to binge watching a few episodes of Aquarius this weekend.

- Reading this book and this book before I have to return them from the library. I also picked up this book after waiting months on the hold list! (Luckily this is an audiobook)

- Tending to this year's container garden. This years' crop is: basil, cilantro, parsley, mint, tomatos and eggplant! So far, everyone is alive and thriving. I already have a nice batch of basil ready to pesto.

- Geeking out over Jurassic World and the new Star Wars movies. #nerdalert

- Planning a weekend to see the family in Ohio in June and a weekend with my girlfriends in July.

- Playing with paper and making new products for my shop! Buying a tripod for my iPhone so I can take better product pictures. My big camera is in the shop for three more weeks getting a much needed tune up.

- Enjoying very much this season of Game of Thrones. Are you watching? Did you see this video?  (I would buy a ticket to this musical)

- Needing to catch up on spring cleaning. I have a GIGANTIC pile of clothes in my bedroom that needs tending to.

- Wishing my oldest nephew and my favorite Grandma very Happy Birthdays!! (17 & 99)
I hope you have a lovely summer weekend!