Watercolor and Glitter Birthday Cards

Happy Monday, peeps! 

Today I wanted to share a fun idea with my fellow card makers for a set of really special notecards. A set of handmade cards can make a great gift for people who are not card makers, but still like to send notes and cards (or as a way to encourage your peeps to send more cards! -guilt laden gifts ; ) ). I have given a set of birthday cards or even thank you cards many times- to peeps on their birthdays, new moms, new brides-and they always are welcome! 

These cards are deceptively fancy. They look like they took forever, and each one is unique, but they can be whipped up in an hour! 

What I used:
- Thick white card stock (I use this brand I buy at Office Depot)
- Distress Ink (I used this variety pack) You could also use any brand dye ink, but it will look a little different)
-Kraft card stock for bases (I like the Bazzill Natural color heavy paper)

First, I created the 'happy birthday' in my Silhouette software. I used a free font called Jenna Sue, then welded each word together to make it look handwritten. I actually created three phrases while my software was open:

I saved them in my library to use for another project. Then I look each piece of white card stock and added Distress Ink in different combos- just whatever colors I wanted. I have done sets like this in a rainbow, all the same color, and ombre. I use the sponge daubers to blend them. Then I added a little magic. I sprinkled a bit of water with my fingers.  The distress inks react with the water and the colors blend and splotch to create a really pretty watercolor background! Seems very fancy and complicated, right? But, no, just a few flicks of water and the magic happens. Set aside to dry (or use a hair dryer/heat tool to help it along)

While they dried (which only takes a few minutes, really) I cut out three happy birthdays with the double sided adhesive. Peeled off the white layer, laid each one down on a painted background. The great thing about this brand of adhesive is it's really sticky. It could also work on a more textured background like acrylic paint, maybe something embossed? Once the adhesive was properly adhered I pulled off the yellow paper and sprinkled on the glitter. It's not necessary to use the Silhouette brand glitter, that's what I had on hand. What you do want is a fine glitter. If it's too chunky, it might flake off. No good, right? Another way to ensure no glitter trailing behind you- once you've added the glitter, tap off the xtra into the garbage, then take a scrap piece of paper and lay it over the glitter. Run your finger over it (or a bone folder if you have it!) to really press the glitter into the adhesive. This is called burnishing and it can really help with the flakage. 

That's it! Assemble them all, wrap them up in some pretty packaging and give the world's best present.

Are you a cardmaker? Have any other suggestions for easy to make card sets? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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Be back soon, have a great week!