I love Instant Cameras

 I had a lovely Easter brunch this weekend with some of my family and brought along my favorite instant film camera, the Mini Instax Camera. In the world of camera phone and digital pictures, there is something so fun about breaking out an actual film camera. My nephews, age 5, think its quite a novelty to hold the picture in their hands and watch the picture develop.

I managed to get one perfect keeper from each niece and nephew present. Score. And that picture of my father holding my niece Bridget......love it.

Really, my nephew Connor looks like a little model here, right? Watch out ladies.

Of course, I had to let them try to take a few themselves. Teach them early to love pictures, that's my angle. The film for the camera can run about $1 a print, so not as cheap as photo on a screen, but you can't hold that in your hand, can you? I try to buy my mini film on Amazon ( a link to the listing I buy from, the more you buy the less per print). Totally worth the cost if you ask me.

There are several instant cameras on the market now, but I like the Mini Instax Camera for several reasons:

-it's light and sturdy. Obviously, one of the boys has dropped it (maybe both), but it is still working great three years after I got it from Santa. Sturdy is a nice feature for a toy like this.
- It's a pretty low price point.It runs at $70 in this listing on Amazon, but I have seen it at Michael's and then you can use a coupon!
-It's really easy to hold and use. There is a Larger sized Instax available, but I have the mini one. It fits right in my hand and has just the flash and the shutter button. It actually has two shutter buttons- one at the top and one at the bottom, so you can hold it sideways if you want. I like the fact that it's a simple set up, makes it easy to use and you can't over compose it.

So, do you have an instant film camera? The Fuji company has a new version, Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic  and it has a cool 'retro film camera' look to it. But at $149? Ummm, no thanks. I'm still happy as a clam with my cheap little Instax. And, as long as I have willing models it will get plenty of use!