Adventures in Bathroom Remodeling- Statement Painting

Good morning! Welcome back for another little peek into my bathroom remodel project. (New here? You can see all my older posts under Adventures in Bathroom Remodeling here). 

A few years ago, I stumbled upon this post on Elise Blaha Cripe's blog, where she used black paint and just her handwriting to capture her favorite song lyrics on canvas. I had been waiting for a reason to make something like this for my condo when I remembered there is a long wall above the potty. A long wall that clearly needed a statement piece knowwhatimean?

This was not as easy as it may seem, for a few reasons. It's a pretty large canvas (maybe 1.5' by 3'?). I would have to stay consistent with the size of my writing and not let it start slanting. I drew very fine lines to help guide me, but the trick to getting a scripty quality with my paint was moving my hand in a fluid and quicker motion. I know this because I started once, and it looked a hot mess so I painted over it and started again. Every time I tried to paint over my 'mistakes' it looked horrible. I had to get over the fear of messing up. The fear of it not being perfect. I had to just do it. For the record, I used heavy bodied black acrylic paint and a small round brush.

The easy part was choosing what to paint. I had also stumbled upon this quote from Audrey Hepburn. I love the message and knew I needed this mantra in my life somewhere.

Did it turn out perfectly? No. I can see places where the writing is a little messy, and I even slightly misspelled a word. But that's only when you look at it way, way too critically. When I stand back and just take it in as a whole piece I think it's kind of beautiful! And it's all mine, made with my own too hands.

And that is a  pretty awesome feeling.

In case you are wondering- the brownish picture frame is an older one from Target, with a picture of my nephew that I love. The silver leaning frame holds a print that says 'flush the damn toilet' in sign language. I downloaded it from here ; )

Thanks for stopping by, be back here on Friday for something fun!


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