Scrappy Swap Month (Part One)

Happy Monday, y'all! Today I wanted to share a fun experiment I conducted with my friend Kelly Waterman. We are swapping supplies and creating out choice of paper project inspired by what the other person chose.  Fun, huh? Today we are both sharing what we made with Kelly's kit. We decided the theme for this round was 'love'.

 I meant to take a picture of the 'before' pile, but, ummmm......I forgot. No worries, because this kind of project can work well with whatever paper you have-in fact, this would be a great way to use up paper scraps!  Her kit included Cocoa Daisy papers, twine, buttons, Studio Calico sequins. I added to it: Emoji stickers I bought at Paper Source (warning: you will be seeing these stickers on a LOT of future project. I'm obsessed.)

I decided to make a set of Valentine's mini books for my nephews Connor and Carson. They are officially the best 5 year old boys around, and I thought they might to see of few of my favorite pictures of them. They are at such a fun age now, it wasn't hard to find funny pictures to use. Also, my sister in law is a rock star at sharing pictures on FB, so I was able to snag a few there.

To make the base I cut two strips of paper (4" x 12") then sewed them together to make an 'L' shape. I wanted it to look like one of those old wallet inserts than fold up accordion style, remember those? Then I printed out wallet sized photos and got to work! A few panels I left blank to keep them from becoming too thick. After I was done adding all the goodies I folded it up and tied them with a little bow/button/tag action.

Enjoy a few of my favorite close ups, please let me know in the comments if you have any questions! 

This kid. He has the BEST sense of humor already. He loves getting his picture taken, until he doesn't. He gets this look on his face when he is tired of slays. He is so brave and bold. His mind works so fast sometimes his mouth can't keep up. He loves to draw and write. He is slightly clumsy. The picture below of him laying on a chair was after he managed to slip between the slats on a kitchen chair-obviously, we stopped to snap a picture, lol. He is a snuggle into your lap, hug and kiss kind of kid. This aunt loves that.


Oh, Connor. This kid is one of a kind. He is sweet, thoughtful. He is more timid than his brother, but tries really hard to keep up. He (finally!) is getting into watching basketball. He is so sweet with his baby sister. He still does that adorable 'stick your tongue out when you're concentrating' thing. And, OMG, this kid's morning face. He takes a few minutes to get going and until he's awake he has the funniest stink face!  He looks like me before my first cup of coffee, lol.

So, there you go over to Kelly's blog!!>> and see what she made!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. We are FINALLY supposed to get a snow around here, we are pretty excited about it = )