If You Want To Enjoy A Winter Storm Right

This week has been, well, intense on the weather front. Lots of snow and today -10 degrees. Awesome. Unlike other times of year winter can be particularly hard for someone like me who uses a wheelchair. It can be really frustrating to be literally stuck inside waiting for other people to clear the parking lot or for Mother Nature to stop dumping the white stuff. I've been limited this past week and the cabin fever is real. 

I started out feeling a little like this:
Then I decided a change in attitude was needed, some I bought some of these fleece-lined leggings
(seriously, so nice under jeans). I also put a new pair of water resistant gloves on my amazon list. Because cold, wet hands aren't pretty.

 I stocked up on my favorite local coffee and my favorite grocery store brand

 I bravely fight the battle against dry skin with this combo of a new facial cleanserfavorite scrub and a nice treat for my cuticles and dry, curly hair

Then I block out the wind with my iPod- playing this album and devouring this fantastic new audiobook

I also enjoy a little extra cuddle with cats under a blanket surfing blogs. Check out this series on the Ali Edwards blog.

Here's to (hopefully) a few more weeks of winter and gaining a new attitude!

Happy Weekend, peeps!