Letterpress and Watercolor with Mama Elephant

Hello peeps! I have had a really fun week playing with my new stamps and I wanted to pop in and share them with you. I have shared many cards here made with ME stamps, they are for sure one of my favorite companies. They recently held a challenge inspired by this image:

I promptly ordered these three sets and have made at least a dozen or more cards....

I seriously can't stop. But, look how cute they are! Check out the cards I made:

{Happy Birthday #1} 
You guys- I used letterpress supplies to create this background with an embossing folder! I was so pumped when I figured out how to do it...I may have squealed....

Look at that background. I am in love. I'll come back next week and show you more details. It's a little tricky to do the first one, but once get it down, it's really pretty easy!

{Celebrate Good Times}

I used the same technique with this card. Different embossing folder, but same color ink because I was trying to figure it out and I didn't want to waste any ink. I love this stamp set from ME, I have used these sentiments a million times. 

{Happy Birthday #2}

 This time I added a  watercolor background with the bold black sentiment, which I think is a really fun look. I feel like I have seen it used a lot lately. I don't have any actual watercolor set, but I use my Mr. Huey's for all the colors I need!  I also love the way the kraft paper looks embossed.

{Happy Birthday #3}
Another letterpressed card! This time I used my stamp with letterpress ink to make the impress on letterpress paper. I point this out because the paper and ink are what really make this. The paper allows the stamp to press in and the ink is brighter and more opaque than stamping ink. It's more subtle that the first two cards when I used the embossing folders, but in real life this is really pretty! 
Another note: The stamp is not a perfect image, it slid a little when I ran it thru my machine. When I put up a tutorial on how to do it, I'll show you how to keep that from happening! 

{Go On and Celebrate}

Nothing too special about this card-design wise. That's actually why I like it! I took the colors from the Inspiration picture and putting the sentiment on the inside I think makes it look a little different than most cards you see. Cutting the opening is super easy, but it adds a touch that (I hope) makes it stand out.

{The Gang}
I have no idea when I will use these cards, but man-I made myself laugh when I came up with the idea. I am hilarious.....true fact.  The origami animals remind me of cartoon characters. I mean, that blue dog totally reminded me of a grumpy bulldog! 

On the inside I stamped 'We are more than friends, we are really like a small gang.' officially my favorite ME stamp of all time.  I put it on all the cards I send my peeps!

That's a wrap, such a long post-thanks for stopping by! Please head over to the Mama Elephant blog. So much crafty goodness and inspiration over there!

Happy Derby y'all!