Free Fun Friday-Easter Addition

Happy almost Easter week PEEPS! In this addition of Free Fun Friday I wanted to pass along a sample of great, free Easter ideas I loved this year. First off, if you are local to Louisville you should check out the Frankfort Ave. Easter Parade! I hear it is quite the party. I'll be there, so please say hi if you see me! For the rest of my friends, enjoy these ideas- if you click over to the other blogs, make sure to comment and give them some love!

1. fromShe's Kinda Crafty- this is the kind of idea that can be super easy or super fancy. Kids could help, so fun!

2. this printable from 36th Avenue inspired these cards in my Etsy shop!
It also lead me down the rabbit hole (snicker) of awesome 90's hip hop:

3. these printable placemats from Somewhat Simple would make a fun table decoration!

4. My mother made a lamb cake with an old iron cake mold every Easter. This post from Simplified Bee totally reminded me of her.

5. And in the strangest use for Peeps I found this year.......why not try candy vodka?

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Thanks for stopping by! I have big exciting plans for the weekend- Season 2 of Game of Thrones and cleaning! I know, you're jealous about the last part, right? I also need to find myself a fish fry. Am I the only one who craves fried fish only during Lent?

Have a great weekend!