It's a Big Day- Now OPEN on Etsy!!

It's a big day around here! I have decided to open an Etsy shop! I love making unique, one of a kind gifts for my customers and decided to expand into selling pre made items online. 

I put a lot of work into the shop-lots of scheming, creating and care went into each and every piece. Not to mention, uploading and prepping the store for sales. A lot of typing, questions, editing, calculating postage.....I have learned a lot in the past two weeks! 

I have decided to start with a few categories, but this is a work in progress. I hope to add more and more of what people want. I am currently selling:

In a variety of colors, styles and occasions (and a few humorous items)

I am curious to hear if these are helpful to people. Is there a market for pre made pages, ready for you to add your photos and slip into your scrapbook? I listed a few now, but this is an area I can see growing in the future!)

I know a lot of people like a colorful accent they can easily add to their store bought gift. I made sets of 5 in a variety of colors and styles. Each one is lined with white paper on the inside and comes with it's own envelope! 

I made a few sets that perfectly coordinate with......

This trio might be my favorite ; ). I wanted to offer an option for people who want to send a little love to a friend having a very bad day. Everyone needs a laugh sometime, right? You'll see in the shop that I have several sets of matching tags and cards. The card sets are priced at $12, that's like getting one card for free! Add the matching tag set and save $2.50 off the bundle!! Not only do you save money, but you have a stack of tags and cards ready to go when you need them.

Each card, set, page and tag is hand made by me and one of a kind. I can absolutely do larger quantities, custom order....whatever you need! Email me and let's talk about how I can help you!

I am officially calling March my GRAND OPENING. To celebrate EVERY order between now and April 7th will get a FREE bonus card! 

I hope it will be a busy weekend around here (collecting lots of orders). I hope you're weekend is fantastic! Thanks for coming by,