Free Fun Friday- The Apps Edition!

Happy Friday, y'all!  First, I have to say a big thank you for all the excitement about my new Etsy shop- all the FB messages and Tweets mean a lot! I am listing a few Easter related items this weekend....check them out here!

For this week's edition to Free Fun Friday I thought I would share a few of the iPhone apps you may not have heard of, but I used an love! All are free (except one, that is $1.99). If you want to see a few of my other favorites check out these previous Free Fun editions.

Do you have any new apps you want to share-link me up! 

Sunrise Calendar (free): I use this is place of the new iPhone calendar. I think it's easier to read and is more intuative to use. And, it links up to Facebook, so I can remember events and birthdays!

 Over ($1.99) and her local little sister Louisville Love (free). I like apps that are easy to use and do what they are good at. I know I have downloaded my fair share of photography apps and I hardly use them. The simplest ones are the ones that just do what they are good at and don't take up space with a ton of bells and whistles.  This dup created by a Louisville based company allows you to add text and artwork over your photos. The Over app has a variety of font, color and customizing options. Louisville Love is just Louisville themed artwork. Both are super fun options I use all the time!

Duolingo (free). I decided to brush up on my French while I was looking for a new job. This app is so much fun! It sends you a little message to practice everyday, you can test out of levels if you are not a total newbie, and they give you little badges and awards when you reach a new level! (I am easily motivated by french speaking owls, apparently ; ) ) This was one of my lessons:

I swear Duolingo can read my mind.

Lift (free): I heard about Lift on one of my favorite podcasts. It allows you to set goals and then let your community keep you accountable! Truth be told, I haven't used this app too much, I will report back and let you know how useful it was?

Quiz Up (free): Looking for a new time waster iPhone game?!? Quiz Up is like pub trivia, except you challenge your friends to specific topics one at a time. Short rounds of 6 questions on a wide variety of topics. I am killing it at 'Logos', 'Name The Color' and 'Breaking Bad'. I am getting my a** handed to me in 'Harry Potter' by my niece which is a little infuriating ; )

That's a wrap on this week- make sure to leave your favorite app in the comments!