Happy 2014 Peeps!

Checking in on my 2013 goals and making a list for 2014.

In 2013 I wanted to:
1. Finish 3 quilts- I started them, does that count? I have one top sewn together and two in strips.. Hoping to finish them in the next week, so that's pretty close
2. Save a nest egg towards my next trip. Ahem, moving on.......
3. Take a cooking class. Check! I learned how to make crab cakes with my friends Nicole and Alicia.

4. Update my Heritage Album. No (this is starting to look bad for me!)
5. Take a new class at the gym. I've been to two Pilates classes and I think I'm going to try Zumba next week
6. Host a goetta brunch. Check!
7. Paint something to hang on the wall. Check!
8. Read 6 non fiction books. I've read two. I am so lame.
9. Go to a new thrift/antique store. Check
10. Take a road trip.Check.
11. Redo my bathroom.Check!! You can follow along with my progress here. 
12. Learn how to make my Grandma's noodles. Not yet
13. Take part in a new Derby event. Check. Check.

Overall, this year has been challenging to say the least. My family lost a close friend, someone who was closely tied to my mother. I was surprised at how hard this hit me. I also struggled on the job front and I am currently looking for another position. Of course, there are a lot of blessings- I have a great family, an awesome group of friends that I really tried to appreciate this year, everyone in my life is safe and healthy. And, I do have a lot of fun memories from the year. So...let's agree to make 2014 rock our socks off, ok? I sat down and made a list for the new year. Let me know what fun plans you have for 2014. I need the inspiration! 

In 2014 I want to WORK. 

I have become lazy in a few areas, ideals that really are important to me have gone to the wayside to make room for a lot of clutter- emotional, physical, etc. This year I want to really focus on being responsible and organizing my crazy brain to accomplish a few things I need in my life. Sound very esoteric and undefined, but I swear, I am going somewhere with this. 

I want to WORK on my finances. I used to be really strict about making a budget and paying all my bills on time. I even made a point to pay off my car loan, student loans and other debts a few years ago. This year, I am going to set a monthly budget AND make room to put some in my savings. For my next trip (see 2013 goal #2)

I want to WORK on my fitness. I dabble in working out, taking long, lazy breaks. I am soon going to give up my gym membership for money reasons, but I want to find an activity I will enjoy and...umm, do it! lol

I want to WORK on my blogs. I have this space and another that I started last year. By start I mean set up, posted a few times, then......stress overtook me and I just wasn't feeling inspired. I would really like to turn these spaces into a place for growth (both financially and career), so I am going to WORK .

Lastly, I really enjoyed my little list from 2013, so I am going to come up with 14 things to do over the next year. Not work, but fun! Goal setting is something I am not great at, and this year I really liked having a list of things I wanted to cross of over the year.

So, here's to a fantastic new year, my friends! Please, please, tell me one thing you plan to do this new year!