Adventures In Bathroom Remodelling

Hello peeps! I am very close to finishing a project so has taken almost two years to complete! The master bath in my condo was on my list to change from the day I moved in. I mean, really, look at what I had to work with:

The bathroom is not tiny, but with a little work it could be a lot more open. As a wheelchair user I could use a lot more floor space to navigate. As I went along this process I kept in the front of my mind- resale value! The more wheelchair friendly I could make this space the more I could market it as accessible when I go to sell. Overall the condo is very wheelchair friendly, and that is NOT easy to find in my neighborhood (trust me, I looked). I also had to keep in mind my limited budget. I didn't want to finance anything if I could afford it. I wanted quality, but not expensive finishes and products. I knew that I could spend more on some things (like tile) but save on others (like light fixtures).

Keeping all this in mind I had a plan for things I would like to do. Some I accomplished, some had to be umm...revised to fit into my budget. 

- remove the ginormous vanity and the cheap sink.
- take out the shower stall, put in a shower/tub! (this one was most exciting to me)
- lay down a tile floor. I mean, i love dark gray marbled laminate as much as the next guy, but...)

Over the next few posts I'll go into details on the projects, who/what/when/where and how. I hope it'll help someone out there! I learn SO much. I mad many, many mistakes. At the very least you can laugh along with me....there were many, many laughs.

Today I also wanted to share the first thing I did. Really, the easiest part. Creating a Pintrest board! I knew I wasn't changing the layout or knocking down walls, so that freed me up to play with colors/textures/finishes. Below are a couple of bathrooms I found very Pinworthy:

I always liked the combo of white, wood and pops of color

I also love gray as a neutral. Gray, silver, with white. I LOVED this metallic gray tile! I also loved the open shower concept. 

I found this pin just about 2 years ago......I love love LOVE this floor! I got really excited about the idea of a 'statement floor'. Wood, white and a floor that made you go 'wow'! Did I get this floor....stay tuned.
 I also loved the idea of striped walls. Maybe two tones of the same color? I loved this simple, but removable upgrade to the room. And, there is another open shower. 

Next post, I'll go into making my budget. What I could do, what I couldn't. And finding a contractor. Oh lord, THAT is a story.  See you soon!

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