Fall Must Haves- 2013

Hello peeps! 

I've been in a blogging dry spell lately, but I have an itch to share some things.......prepare yourself ; ). I thought an easy way to get the writer's juices flowing was to share a list of some of my favorite things right now.  Fall is in full swing and it's really the best time of year, isn't it? I love the cooler weather (maybe not the rain) and the smells and sounds, and I am getting very excited about the holidays coming up! Here's a list of things I am loving right now and I think you will love too!

1. Makeup. I have serious dry skin issues when the weather changes. Cliniques BB cream is a moisturizing foundation without being greasy. Good, light coverage and a great price. I got one of their Chubby Stick Lipsticks in a bonus bag (in Mega Melon) and I wear it every work day. The color is very cheery! I also use a little Bare Essentuals Bronzer to fool myself into thinking I still have a summer glow. Not pictured: Sephora's Age Defy Night Cream. Let's not talk about the fact that I am at an age where I am buying products with 'age defy' in the name and think about how this awesome (reasonable priced) night cream has taken care of my pitiful flaky skin! Woot! 

2. Must See TV. Cold, rainy weather does NOT make me want to go out and be too social. Lots of night spent making things and watching some really great TV.  These witches are my favorites......this show is so crazy and awesome. No show makes me gasp and laugh out loud the way this one does. The cast is AMAZING...Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates-a trio of awesome. My favorite new show is Sleepy Hollow, anyone else? Tom Mison is fantastic and the combo of history and sci-fi is right up my alley. Not pictures: The Blacklist. I would watch James Spader read the phone book, true story.

3. New Music. The new Civil Wars CD is phenomonal...I especially love The One That Got Away.(when are they going to kiss and make up, already?)  Not pictured: I have been listening to Ellie Goulding's Halcyon at least once a week since the summer.

4. New Apps. The Sunrise Calendar app has replaced the Google Calendar my iPhone. Much prettier and it links up to my FB account!. Not pictured: Luminosity. I am trying to exercise my brain, I am such a smarty pants!!

5. Coffee-Always. I treat myself to coffee from my local place about once a week. Heine Bros is a big deal around here. I'm not big on super sugary coffee drinks, but lately I get a half pump of hazelnut in my cup. And a pumpkin scone ; ) Not pictured: I want to learn to make ramen soup. I tried to make up a recipe and I overcooked some rice noodles......not good.

6. Warm Weather Layers. Fall is all about layers for me. It's always cold in the morning, and if I am wearing a thick sweater I am burning up by the afternoon. I am a big scarf fan. I own more than one person probably should...but I love them! I have this one from Old Navy, but in a different color combo that doesn't seem to be available anymore. I am also a little obsessed with their skinny Rockstar jeans. I may or may not have 4 pairs- black, white, purple and coral. They are so comfortable and skinny without being too tight. I need a few more colors to brighten up my wardrobe, I think!! Maybe blue? or patterned? Not pictured: my black zip up boots and I are best friends. Side note about these boots- I wear foot braces and have the hardest time finding shoes to fit. These are perfect! the leather stretches without losing its shape and the zipper helps me get them on. I highly recommend them to anyone who has braces like mine.