My Favorite Paper Crafting Tools

Hey y'all! 

Today I wanted to talk tools. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a favorite this or that, something-s they can't create without, right? What are your must-haves? I looked around my craft room and realized that I definitely have preferences and things I like to have around when I am scrapbooking, sewing, or doing other projects.  Next week I'll share my must-haves for sewing, but today is all about scrapbooking and card-making. Check it out:

Starting at the base. My table is covered in a Large rotary cutter mat from Fiskars. I got into this when I was in college, and I replace it every few years. It's a great surface to work on, I like having the ruler on it, and it's generally easy to clean (as you can see, it's spotless ; ) )

Now moving left to right:

-My cosmetic bag that holds a LOT of important stuff. More on that in a minute.
- My Fiskars Precision Trimmer. Love this guy and his Titanium blades.
- Black Staz-On Ink. I have other colors, but black is my most used- it dries quickly, stamps crisply and stamps on all different surfaces
-Of course, an acrylic block. I use that one the most, it's about 3" x 5", it's from Inkadinkado
-Washi Tape. I have so many rolls.....really. But, I use at least one piece on every card and layout I make. I also use it to: tape up to do lists, tape down threads on the backs of layouts, hold masks down while I stamp or spray. Seriously, I have a roll out all the time.
-Grid Ruler. I have had one of these in my craft area forever. I use it for sewing and paper products. I like to line up my pictures, I even use it to put down letter stickers properly. I am notoriously off-kilter, so I like having my ruler handy to keep my straight. I like this one from C-Thru, because it's flexible and easier to see thru. 
- Baking Pan full of little tags. Organized loosely by size and manufacturer, I almost always have this on my table so I can add them easily to a project. 
-Corner Chomper. This guy is awesome. I like to round the corners of pictures I put in my Project Life-style pages, and this guys will go thru a stack all at once. He also cuts thru- acrylic, chipboard, wood veneer, fingers....just kidding. And it's easy to clean. Definitely worth the money ( I also really like the Crop-a-dile, but I don't use that as much)
-Tim Holtz Stapler. I love love love this guy, too! It's so easy to add a little staple to hold things down. And it reaches WAY in. And, it never jams.

As long as I can remember I've used a cosmetics bag to hold little things I like to use a lot (Does anybody else do that?). It's easy to take into another room, or out to use at a crop, whatever. Plus, I don't have to find something else to hold these on my table, Here's what's inside:

1.and 2. A paint brayer and glue stick.href I got the idea from Erin Lincoln to use this combo a while ago, I really love it. You can use way less adhesive and make sure it really sticks! I also use the brayer with my glue runner to make sure that stuck is stuck. I've tried several kinds of glue sticks, and I used to buy the Tombow brand all the time, but I can't find it anymore? Elmer's is, as you would expect, pretty reliable.
3. Fiskars precision scissors
Just like the Paper Trimmer, the scissors are great. They're inexpensive, but work great and are easy to clean-if you are like me and cut thru paint, washi taoe, glue....etc.
4. Date Stamp. This one is a favorite from Studio Calico, but really, I have a bunch that I love and use a lot. I like putting the dates on my pages, and this makes it super easy.
4a. Ummm, I just realized that I mislabelled my picture, lol. My favorite white pen is this one from Signa. If you can write a little slower it comes out nice and smooth.
5. Teeny Tiny crochet hook. Kind of random, but I use him to pick up things, thread buttons, unstick things, poke holes, all sorts of tasks.
6. Dear Sharpie fine point marker, I love you. I have searched far and wide for the perfect pen-one that writes smoothly, dries quickly, works on slick surfaces. You are the perfect pen, I just can't quit you. (Please don't ever go out of business). (also, please make a pen just like this in white.) ETA: I found this white pen on Amazon!! Has anyone used it?
7. I've tried a lot of different adhesive runners ( I used to work at a scrapbook store, so we could try out new products) and this one is my favorite- Tombow Dot Runner. I also like this brand, which is easier to find and a little cheaper.
8. Glue Dots. Are these things genius or what? I use them ALL the time. I like this roller dispenser, even if it is a few more bucks. 

A few other 'must-haves' not pictured:
-My Canon Selpy printer. I love her for printing a bunch of 4 x 6 pictures
-My DVR-full of crime shows or Jon Stewart. Or a good audiobook-like this one I just finished.
-A covered cup of iced coffee or iced tea. Always a covered cup, because, well.....I'm a little klutzy.
- My iPad.

So, there you go! I hope maybe one of my ideas might help you.

Now I want to know, what do you HAVE to have when you are working on a project?


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