Spring Cleaning

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Hey y'all!

Spring is finally..slowly....coming around Louisville. And, hey-Derby time is almost here!!

This weekend I have zero on the calendar, so I am going to dig into some spring cleaning projects.

Here's my to-do list (and a few Pintrest pins for inspiration):

1. Replace two of my electrical outlets with ones that serve as USB chargers (how cool is that? Am I the only one who feels like they are always charging something??)

2. Deep clean what I call 'the boys room'. That's my spare bathroom where the litter boxes and all the cat stuff lives. It's a hot mess

3. Fix two leaky windows

4. Plant container garden! (on the plan-tomatoes, herbs, and garlic!)

5. Find or make a piece of art to hang in my bedroom (maybe something like this?)

6. Pin down a plan/schedule for redoing my main bathroom. Turns out pinning down a contractor is harder than one would think.

Some of these will be more fun than others ; )...Here's to a fun and motivated weekend!

What's on your spring cleaning list this year? Anyone have fun projects in the works?? Do tell!