Free Fun Friday -the app edition)

Hey y'all! 

This Friday I wanted to spread a little free-love fun by linking you up to a few new apps I downloaded to my beloved iPod. (and a free Holiday wallpaper!)

Afterglow-Because obviously you need another camera app, right? I just added this one, after seeing many people use it on Instagram. It's pretty popular, but I haven't used it too much so I can't give an opinion. What I liked about it was a set of white frames in different shapes like the one above. Pretty, right?

Matching With Friends-because you also need another game to play...of course. This might be one of my favorites, it's definitely the one I play the most by far. And I've had it for a few months now, so the new shinyness of it has worn off. It's a match colors to score lots of points kind of game. I've followed their page on Facebook, and some players have managed astounding scores-like, several thousand points scores. Mine.......well, they look more like the one above (although this is not my picture, I took it from Google Images)

Ringtone Maker- If you are like me and have TMobile, you their selection of ringtones....well, they stink. This little funmaker lets you take a snippet of your favorite song, or TV quote, or SNL skit and make your own!

Hey Tell- My previously mentioned friend Leah turned me onto this one. It turns your phone into a walkie-talkie of sorts. Say, you want to text someone, but your fingers are too sore too type (from playing Matching With Friends?) You just hit the button and talk away! She and I use this alot-so, basically one of my closest friends: we text, Tweet and Hey Tell each other, but I can't tell you the last time we actually called each other!

Last, but not least:

Choose your own Holiday wallpaper-courtesy of the women of Eighteen25 blog.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!