Free Fun Friday

I thought I would bring a feature I used to do quite often here on the old bloggity blog: Free Fun Friday. It's just a way for me to share things I come across that are good, clean (and free) fun. This week I wanted to pass along a few apps that are wasting a good chunk of my time lately:

I am going on the record to say that Draw Something is the new Words With Friends. I have a whole bunch of games going with my FB friends. It's like pictionary, with more pop culture. And try drawing Justin Bieber with a tiny iPod screen and your fat finger?

Availible in free or paid ad-free versions.

Viggle is a way to reward your inner couch potato. You get points for watching, reality shows, everything! I am currently on my way to earning a Royal Carribean cruise..only one million points ; ). It is very easy to set up and use. Sometimes you have to get very close to the TV to allow it to hear what you are watching, and you have to remember to check in,

Snapster is a new free photography app I've seen people using. They add the filters before they post them in Instagram. It has a really good interface, with tons of refining options. 

p.s. Speaking of Instagram-I have recently found Instaframe and Instacollage that you can use along with it. I am excited to play with those soon! 
I have only used it once or twice, it has a little learning curve, but hopefully over the weekend I'll have a few pictures to work on.

Oh Word Collapse.....I love you and hate you-all at the same time. See, here's the thing: the app is free and comes with about 500 puzzles to solve. But, I LOVE word puzzles so when I solved them all (which took me about two weeks), I wanted more!! That's where the hate goes in. You are welcome to buy more puzzles for $.99 a pop. Cheap, right? I am embarrassed to tell you how much I have spent on this "free" app. Pitiful. Another sneaky "free game that has more than enough of my money? 7 Little Words. I love it-too too much.

So, there you go-a little free fun for your weekend! Around these parts it has been crazy hot. If I can't find a pool, I might try to get out early and take some pictures. I have been dying to do a little photo walk. Or, I might stay in all day cooling myself with bowls of frozen yogurt.....we'll see.