Framed Rainbow Print

Hey y'all!

You may remember from this post that I had three weeks off between my old job and my new one. It was wonderful-I learned that I can easily fill up my free time...I am really looking forward to retirement now! I had time to finish up a few projects that have been on the to-do list forever. I thought I would share one today- 

{Framed Rainbow print}

I saw this project that Elise Blaha did with this set of paper tapes from Target and I knew I wanted to use them somewhere. Then I saw this print from My Southern Accent on Etsy. I laughed, because this is an expression I hear all the time. It's a southern thing. People say it when the hear bad news about someone, i.e. 'I heard Tiffany got in an accident in her new car, bless her heart'. It also can be used before you having something not so nice to say, i.e. ' He is dumb as a box of rocks, bless his heart'. ; ) It's said that southern women can be mean as a long as they follow it with 'bless your heart'.

I took a few pictures along the way, but it was a pretty straight forward process.

1. Cover a piece of cardboard or cardstock with strips of tape. (trust me, it's under there).

2. Flip paper over and trim/fold over edges

3. Use letter stickers or die cuts to spell out your message ( I used old foam Thickers).

4. I used a wood veneer heart from Studio Calico to finish it off. Mat and frame. Easy peasy.

The pictures from my room turned out such a funny color, terrible lighting, but i wanted to show where I hung it in my room. 

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back soon to share a couple more (painting projects) I finished during my 'sabbatical'


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